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The purpose of the Swarna Nag Bali Puja is to redress the dosha acquired for the killing of a snake. When the last rites of a family member or an ancestor are not performed in the correct manner, when proper pindadan is not done, Pitru Dosha is created. Such a person will face problems throughout his life. Therefore, the performing of the Swarna Nag Bali Puja is extremely important. Below we discuss the benefits and importance of Swarna Nag Bali Puja 1. The Swarna Nag Bali Puja calms the Pitru Dosh. Happiness and peace will come home. The family starts progressing in business and work. Incomplete work in all areas gets complete. 2. This puja will get rid of the evil forces established in your home, and the Gods will start dwelling in the house. 3. Another advantage of worship is that old disputes are resolved. 4. By performing Swarna Nag Bali Puja, you also see a significant improvement in your health. 5. You need to take special care of cleanliness in the house, this Puja will get rid of all faults in the home.

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