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The worshipper of the sun god is never defeated in any battle. All the wishes of a person are fulfilled if he offers water to the rising sun early in the morning. He also becomes full of intellect, strength, honour, wealth and health. During battle with Ravana, Lord Ram also sought the refuge of the sun to defeat Ravana. He praised the Sun God three times by chanting 'AdityaHridayStotra', which pleased the Sun God so much that he granted Ram the blessing of victory in the war. Sunday is considered the most important day for the worship of the sun god. On this day, people must go to the temple to burn lamps and incense apply sandalwood, bathe with Gangajal carry out the worship by applying Kumkum. After this, offer sugar, rice and flowers to the Sun God. After this, bow down to the sun god and chant ‘Om SuryayNamha’ mantra. Let us tell you more about the benefits of worship of the Sun God: 1. Those who worship the Sun remain disease-free. All the wishes of a person are fulfilled if he offers water to the rising sun daily. 2. Those who are always stressed and depressed and have negative thoughts can also benefit from the worship of the Sun God. Freedom from negativity also results in liberation. New energy is generated. 3. The importance of worship of the sun god is that all envy is destroyed while there is an increase in the flow of positive thinking. 5. The person born on Sunday should necessarily be a worshipper of the Sun God. He should offer water and fruit daily. This will remove all hindrances, and all obstacles in work will end. 6. Those that have not found a job for a long time will finally get their desired job by worshipping the sun god. You also get opportunities for promotion. 7. The beauty of the face increases with the worship of the sun god. Those who worship the Sun God with a clean mind, offering jal, their faces reflect an aura and such people become attractive to other people. 8. A fearful personality becomes fearless and strong with his unwavering devotion to Sun God. 9. Even for renewing your power, The Sun God must be always worshipped. 10. In times of distress, read the sun god's 'AdityaHridayaStotra' or 'Suryaashtak'. While reading this, keep in mind that you will have to sit facing the East direction. Surya Dev Pooja is very important in Indian culture because it is the only deity that can be seen daily. By the Sun God, devotees have all their wishes fulfilled and spend their lives in happiness. When offering water to the Sun God, it is necessary to use copper lota or copper utensils only. Only then is your pooja considered to be successful.

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