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Rahu Puja Details

Many times we are surrounded by such problems that we cannot solve them even after wanting. Do you know what is the reason behind these? If not, then we will tell you the reasons and solutions. The cause of our problems is none other than the planet's fault. Due to these, problems always remain in our life. In Hindu religious texts, Rahu and Ketu are two such planets, which are known as the faults. Rahu and Ketu have the same name as ‘Asura’. He had taken nectar from deceit during Amrit Manthan, due to which Lord Vishnu cut his throat with Sudarshan Chakra. But he was not dead, the head and the trunk were divided into two parts, which were known as Rahu-Ketu. These are considered to be defects in people's horoscope after becoming a planet. By worshipping Rahu, all these faults end. During the worship, chant the Rahu mantra ‘Om BrahmBrihmBharausahRahaveNamah’ 18,000 times in the night and 40 in the day. This will remove all your problems. If your horoscope is Rahu, it will be away from worship. You will stay away from mental stress. Economic losses, lack of coordination, and those who speak abusively also benefit from this worship. By reciting ‘RatrikalBhairavpoojan, Shiva Poojan or Kala Bhairav Ashtak, you will get rid of Rahu. Rahu mantra during the worship: “Hrim ardhkay mmahavirya chandraditya vimrdnam.. Sihinka garbh sambhut rahu prnmamyhm.. Om brim bhram brohm sah rahve namah.. Om shirorupay vidmahe amritshaye dhimhi tanno rahu prachodyat..” Don’t forget to recite this mantra.

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