Parthiv Pooja

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Parthiv Pooja Details

Parthiv Shiva Puja has a special significance.  Lord Shiva always blesses those devotees who perform this Puja.

Let's tell you about the benefits and importance of this worship.

1. The month of Savan in Hindu calendar is considered as a month of Lord Shiva, so in this month, lord Shiv is worshipped by making a Parthiv Ling. This will give you the desired wishes.

2. You can also make shivaling by mixing cow's dung, jaggery, butter and bhasama. This Shivling should not be taller than 12 fingers, because otherwise you cannot perform the puja in the right way. This Shivalinga is of the highest importance in this Puja.

3. During the Puja, chanting of the mantra Om Shivaya Namah should be done. From this, Lord Shiva is pleased with his devotees and gives them the desired blessings.

4. Offer three sets of Prasad or offerings, the Prasad in touch with the Shivlingum, should not be eaten. Only eat the offering which is placed away from the Shivlingam. We told you about Bhoomi Shanti Puja, the benefits of Parthiv worship and its importance. After doing this, your life will become full of happiness.

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