Narayan Bali Pooja

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Narayan Bali Pooja Details

The worship of Narayan Bali is considered the best for calming the Pitra Dosha. In the event of the death of an untimely death, the soul cannot be given liberation through ordinary Shraddha, in such a situation, it is considered necessary to worship Lord Narayana. Let us tell you about the benefits and significance of the worship of Lord Narayan Bali. 1. Narayan Bali is worshipped to fulfil incomplete desires. This eliminates pitra dosh and removes the blame for snake killing. By following the worship using the correct procedures mentioned in the scriptures, your problems will be quickly overcome. 2. Narayan Bali is also worshipped for childbirth and growing the family. This brings happiness in your home, and there is sweetness in family relationships. 3. Narayan Bali is also worshipped to get rid of ghosts. Along with this, negative energies are removed from your home, and the positive powers start to reside in the house. 4. Narayan Bali is also worshipped to get rid of other problems in the house. You can also get rid of the effect of black magic. 5. In case of irregular menstruation in women, repeated abortions, and those who face economic difficulties should worship Narayana Bali. This removes all your troubles. These are the benefits and importance of worshipping Lord Vishnu and Narayan Bali. After doing this, you will never be disappointed and upset.

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