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Moon worship Details

The Moon God is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The moon atop of Lord Shiva's head is also Monday. There is special importance of this day to worship the moon god. In Hinduism, the Moon God is considered special from all other gods. They are also known by the name of the Water Dev. According to Shrimad Bhagavata, Chandra is the son of Maharishi Atri and Anusuya. Being composed of sixteen arts, he is called Annamay, Manoayam, Amritmaym Man avatar, Lord. Lord Shiva is pleased by the worship of moon god. The moon's Mahadasha is of ten years, its overgrowths are Apah and Pratyadhi devta Uma Devi. It provides coolness, therefore people worship him only after seeing the moon. Very few people know that the moon god was married to the twenty-seven daughters of King Daksha. These very few people know that the Moon was married to twenty-seven daughters of King Daksh. These girls are known as Ashwini, Bharani, Kristina, Rohini, etc. Lord moon received son Mercury from his wife Rohini. Moon planet satisfies the Gods, Yaks, Humans, Ghosts, Animals, Birds and trees, etc. Let us tell you about the benefits that come from Lord Moon's worship, after knowing, you can also achieve the desired object. The benefits of worshipping Chandra Dev -

1. Like Sun God, Lord Moon is also considered as a direct God. Therefore Lord Moon except for the new moon is full of his sixteen arts and gives a glimpse to his devotees. Monday is very dear to the Moon God.

2. After worshipping the moon make Desert (Kheer) please God Moon and eat it along with the family. This will increase the love of your family and all the old family tensions will also end.

3. If the moon is below in your horoscope then you should wear white clothes and apply white sandal tilak. This will get you rid of all the flaws.

4. The moon's gem is pearl. Therefore, if you get angry quite often and the situation of constant discord in the house remains, then you start wearing the moonstone pearl in a silver ring and wear it in the lower finger. Continue to worship wearing it continuously.

5. The moon God removes all the misery of his devotees. Anyone coming to his shelter is never disappointed. If you suffer from cold, you will gain a great deal by wearing pearl silver half-moon locket in the neck.

6. The moon god is very attached to white things. Therefore he should be worshipped with white flowers, kheer, rice and milk. This will give you great benefits.

7. The moon is completed in full moon every month. Therefore, you can fulfil your desires by worshipping the moon god in the full moon. Lord Shiva founded Somnath Jyotirling only after the terrible austerity of the moon god. Therefore, it is the first place in 12 Jyotirlingas. The worship of Lord Chandra is of particular importance. You can also overcome all your sorrows by worshipping them.

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