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Ketu worship Details

The worship of Ketu along with the worship of Rahu also benefits many. The worship of Ketu is special for the virgin daughters. This removes all obstacles coming in their marriage. 1. Perform Ganesh worship including GanapatiSahastram in Ketu worship, and anoint him with a Durva. This will remove all the obstacles coming in your way. 2. Do the worship of Rahu-Ketu together. During this, bear the spiral silver ring. This will increase the value of your reputation. 3. In order to please Ketu, keep the Ketu instrument with garlic in the neck. This will weaken your planet's faults. 4. After the pooja, feed the black and white dogs. This will make the clouds of your grief soon start to spread. 5. By worshipping Lord Ganesha and Goddess Mother in the temple, giving donations to the needy and feeding the sugar mixed flour to the fish and ants will give you freedom from family discord. 6. Due to the eating of sour things such as lemon, tamarind or water-balls, this flaw will end. 7. Donate or serve cow after worship of Ketu. This will help you achieve success in all the tasks. We have told you the benefits and significance of Rahu and Ketu worship. After doing these, nobody is unhappy. Along with this, all of these pujas and mantras are created by the evil deeds.

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