Durga Puja

In Hinduism, Pooja of Goddess Durga has its own...

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Durga Puja Details

In Hinduism, Pooja of Goddess Durga has its own importance. Although everyday people worship Ma Durga, however, in Chaitra and Ashwin month in North India, a huge organization of Navratri celebration is done. The celebration of Durga Puja starts from the sixth to the tenth day of the bright fortnight or Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month in Bengal.

Let us tell you about the benefits of Durga Puja and its importance.

1. Durga Puja is considered a symbol of goodness on evil. After performing the Puja, nobody is ever sad and upset, and he gets success in every situation.

2. Mother Durga never disappoints her devotees. Her worshiper always prospers in life, and all his problems are removed.

3. Chanting the mantras of Ma Durga with puja will make your mind pure and you will feel good. You will also gain a lot of money.

4. Durga Puja also has spiritual, religious and social significance. Do this puja during Navaratri festival, because in these days her worship has special significance.

5. According to Hindu scriptures, the resolutions made during puja of Navratri, we can get the grace of Goddess Durga and can become very successful.

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