Bhooma Shanti Puja

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Bhooma Shanti Puja Details

Tuesday is considered very special for Bhumi Shanti Pooja. Mars is also called Bhaum, so by fasting on this day and worshipping Mars planet, a person can set himself free of all kinds of debt. Many times we have to take a loan to fulfil our needs in our practical life. But we are unable to repay it even after a long time. In such a situation, we should worship Bhaum Shanti Puja, who can solve all our debts and difficulties that arise because of the debt.

Let's tell you about the benefits and the importance of the worship of Bhaum Braham.

1. Every month, on the triodashi dates of the Shukla and the Krishna Paksha Pradosha fast, is observed. Pradosh dates that fall on Tuesday and Saturday are considered as significant. Therefore, on this day, if you perform the Bhaum Shanti Puja, all the troubles in the home are overcome.

2. Bhaum Shanti Puja is done for pleasing Lord Shiva. This puja reduces the negative effect of Mars on the life of the seeker.

3. After the Puja, you must recite the 21 or 108 names of MangalDev. This will get rid of your loan quickly. Along with this, there is abundant shower of wealth in the house.

4. Bhaum Shanti Puja is considered very effective. It ends the misery of all the devotees, and Mangal Deva helps devotees in every way and deliver them from bad circumstances.

5. On the day of worship, recite Hanuman Chalisa in the Hanuman temple and offer the BundiLaddu to Bajrang Bali. You will also get great benefits from this.

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