Ati Rudra Puja

Ati Rudra Puja is done to describe the glory of Lord...

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Ati Rudra Puja Details

Ati Rudra Puja is done to describe the glory of Lord Shiva and his grace power.

Rudra: Panchyavidya: ProktaDeshikairuttrontar. SangstaVadyorupkakhya: SashishoRudraUchyate... EkadashgunaistadudRudro Sangyo Dvityok: EkadashbharetabhistritiyolaghuRudrakah:.. Make sure to chant these mantras in this worship. After performing this pooja, Lord Shiva destroys all your sufferings.

With his blessings, Lord Shiva completes all the aspirations of his seeker. Let us tell you about the benefits of Ati Rudra Puja and its importance.

1. All gods and goddesses are pleased with the worship of Ati Rudra. According to Hindu scriptures, Rudra is present in the soul of all the Gods and all the gods are the soul of Rudra. So by doing this pooja, God bless you.

2. It is also called small Rudra Puja. This is a worship that is done from Panchyamrit. Its influential chants get rid of all the crises and negative energy coming in life.

3. The glory of the word Rudra of Lord Shiva is received in the religious texts. This term has been mentioned several times in the Yajurveda. Therefore, doing this pooja gives liberation from all sins.

4. Lord Shiva destroys all the world's sorrows. Therefore, after doing this pooja, your enemies can not even dare to touch you.

5. Take special care of cleanliness at home during the Rudra Puja. This will bring peace to your home and Lord Shiva will be pleased with you.

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