Amrithabhishek pooja

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Amrithabhishek pooja Details

This worship is done for Lord Shiva. In this, Lord Shiva is given a milk bath, and then the desired fruit is prayed from him. Let us now tell you about the benefits of Amritabhishek and its importance. 1. Man often worries why he is always facing sorrows. Why are his troubles not solved? Amritabhishek Puja will solve all your troubles. To please Lord Shiva, you will have to bathe him or perform the amritabhishek. And he will grant his blessings at the earliest. 2. Wake up early in the morning, to worship Lord Shiva. You can perform this worship in the temple or the house. Offer belpatra, water, milk to Lord Shiva and bow down frequently. From this, Lord Shiva will be pleased with you. 3. Keep in mind, when performing the Amritabhishek puja, there should be no hatred for anyone in your mind or you will not get the desired result. In case there is any negative feeling for someone in your mind or negative thoughts, then you must remove them. By doing this, you will get huge reward. 4. It is said that when Lord Shiva is pleased with him, he showers his grace on them. Such great benefits are the secret of the Amritabhishek Puja. After doing this puja, you will see that there is prosperity in your house and there is a flow of money into the house. 5. Many times, you will face hindrance in the marriage of daughters in the house, and you do not understand what the best solution for this issue is. Amritabhishek of Lord Shiva is its sovereign remedy. Along with that, women who cannot bear children, have the blessing of a child. These are the benefits of worship of Amritabhashek and its importance.

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