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Emerald or Panna Details

Panna is a rare and precious gemstone with the best stones mined in Scotland and Zambia. The colour of the Emerald can vary from light green to dull green. The transparent ones with no specks and perfect clarity offer the superior quality and command a high price. It is believed that Colombia produces the finest Emeralds.
Attractive in colour and shape, these are used in ornaments made from gold and silver and also for their astrological benefits. It represents the planet Mercury, and if Mercury is positive for you in your horoscope, you can wear Emerald as a ring or talisman.

Who Should Wear Emerald or Panna?

Emerald or Panna associated with planet Mercury. Vedic astrology recommends wearing this gemstone for reducing bad effects of a weak Mercury in a person’s horoscope. Vedic or Indian astrology considers Panna or Emerald for Mithun Rashi or Gemini and Kanya rahi or Virgo.
Western astrology recommends the use of emeralds for Cancer signs. It is also suggested for the benefits to ascendants of Taurus, Capricorn,Libra, and Aquarius.

Benefits and drawbacks

Wearing Emerald makes you more intelligent, makes your mind sharp and brings excellent results for those with creative skills such as writers, artists, painters and also improves Communication skills. People associated with finance, banking, accounts, trading etc can also benefit immensely by its use. Mercury is the Vaani-karaka in vedic astrology, and therefore, you become more confident in public speaking and social situations. It can cure respiratory problems or problems related to speech, nervousness and allergic reactions. It is also believed to cure ear, eye and skin ailments.
On the other hand, wearing the Emerald gemstone may not always work in your favour when it is not suitable for you. An unsuitable Emerald can cause mental stress and agony and even lead to an imbalanced mind. The stone can adversely affect the child-parents relationship and also damage bonds with in-laws. The energy of the Emerald can work negatively upon you to cause depression, schizophrenia, and nervousness. It can also make a person impotent.

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Wear appropriate Emerald made in Gold or Silver ring in the little finger where it should touch the skin of the right hand. Not everyone should wear this precious stone. To find out whether the Emerald stone is suitable for you, you must get your Kundali analysed first to avoid unnecessary malefic effects. Chat with us or call us for a free astrologer consultation and we will guide you to the most suitable gemstone for you.

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