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Acharya R I Dwivedi

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₹ 30.00 / Min.
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37 year 0 months
Language: [English] [Hindi] [Punjabi]

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<p>Acharya R. L. Dwivedi is a renowned astrologer who has expert knowledge in every sphere of astrology and various forms of astrology. For the past 37 years, Acharya Dwivedi has been guiding people on how to live a happy and prosperous life through astrology. Acharya Ji possesses deep knowledge of Vedic astrology and is capable of precise prediction using the KP system of Advance Prophecy. The K.P. i.e. Krishnamurthi system of astrology also known as Nakshatra Jyotish is used in astrology for precise predictions. Such a precise prediction is not at all easy. A microscopic knowledge of this method is essential to be a precise predictor through this system. Only a few astrologers have such an understanding and one of them is Acharya Dwivedi Ji. Based on the numbers up to 249 in this method, a 100% accurate prediction can be made using the Upnakshatras. The knowledge of Prashna Kundali along with KP method together is required for these precise results and Acharya Dwivedi is a master at both. In this method, the constellation (Nakshatra) and its sub-star (Upnakshatra) are used, and this method is also used for prediction for twins born at short intervals. Acharya Ji is also proficient in Prashna (or question) Shastra. Question System is one of the important branches of Vedic astrology. It is a kind of knowledge that gives a right result, in a short time. Swamiji makes a decision on the basis of the question asked by the person, and he also studies the birth horoscope and year horoscope and through it, he understands the person&rsquo;s karma and narrates the person&#39;s future. At present, Acharya Ji is engaged in research on the ancient Nadi Astrology. Acharya Dwivedi, who is from a Brahmin family, passed the astrology scholarship in 1989, from Pune. This examination is organized by the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, Chennai. Apart from this, he also holds a postgraduate degree in Economics and he is retired senior officer from the Indian Economic Service. From Lal Bahadur Shastri University, New Delhi, he has passed the examination of the Purohit Shiksha in the year 2002-2003. Acharya Dwivedi also won a scholarship to the Armstrong School of Astrology of Toronto (Canada) for research in Western astrology. Swami Ji has also written and published a book on palmistry. There are thousands of people who have a strong belief in Acharya Dwivedi&#39;s astrology. Apart from India, people in the United Kingdom, America and Canada, contact Acharya Ji, for bringing happiness and prosperity with his astrological solutions. Acharya Ji is available every morning from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm and he is able to offer solutions in English, Hindi and Punjabi.</p> <p>ISO9001:2015 Certified Astrologer... Dwivedi</p>

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