Moon Sign

In the Vedic or Indian astrology, constellations are the key factors and moon is central to this system. The moon is considered a very important factor in the horoscope of a person. At the time of birth, the zodiac in which the moon is placed is said to be the Chandra Rashi of the child or person. Many astrologers also call this the birth date of a child.

In Vedic astrology, of all the planets, it is the moon or Chandra that is the most important. The moon sign or zodiac is also called the name or name zodiac. In Hindus, since ancient times, there is a tradition of naming the new born child according to this Chandra or moon.

The Moon has been given the highest importance in the horoscope because the Moon controls the behaviour and mind of the person. The moon horoscope of a child can indicate that as an adult which profession or field of work will make him happiest, and his character and behaviour in the society.

The extent of happiness and sadness that the person is likely to face in life and his emotional and physical response to such situations is also determined by the moon to a great extent. The Moon sign determines the happiness and misery of the person and also the pleasure or desire he experiences in life. At the time of marriage, Birth or Chandra horoscopes of bride and groom are matched. Thus this sign is also very important before proceeding to marriage and deciding the course of life for a person. Therefore, the moon sign is considered to be quite significant in the child’s horoscope.

'Chandra Manaso Jaya', this Vedic quote means that the moon sign can give us an insight into the mentality as well as indicate the state of mind of an individual. In Vedic astrology, by studying the Sun, a person’s soul is analyzed, in the same way, the moon-zodiac helps acquire knowledge about the mental state and brain.

In the solar system, there are 27 prominent constellations. Every constellation has four stages, and nine such stages make up every horoscope. Thus, the moon completes the rotation of one zodiac sign in about 2 and quarter day and about 27 days and few hours for all 12 zodiac signs. This process is also known as Chandramas or “lunar month.” The rotation of the Moon Planet around the two and quarter constellations in about 54 hours is also known as the Chandra Rashi or Moon sign.

Mood and mental state are indicated by the moon. In today’s scientific times, the tradition of knowing the moon sign at the time of the birth of a child is fast disappearing. But if the position and state of the moon are not properly studied at the time of birth of the child, then the child's horoscope will be later on dependent on chance situations, and the child will never know the true state of his horoscope throughout his life.

Therefore, at the time of the birth of the child, the parents should pay special attention to the Moon zodiac and that too with full understanding. If you also want to know the lunar zodiac or Chandra Rashi of your child and the child's future accordingly, then you should contact AstroSwamiji's astrological service as soon as possible.

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