Lal Kitab

Is your completed work getting worse? Is there always something inauspicious with you? Are you not getting a job or have Goddess Laxmi of wealth been appealing to you?

Many of the same problems in this manner are constantly troubling us in our lives. Someone who has not a good job or the money has not stopped someone. Someone's husband harasses her, so someone's girlfriend is going to get away from him. With this kind of problems, we are getting into a bad situation every day.

The problem is not that we always suffer sorrow but the problem is that there is no right and experienced remedy for ending these miseries but we can not even find it. It has been said that if an experienced person is supported with us, then we can go ahead and fight with all kinds of circumstances, but if we do not have any support then we break down and break into a bad way.

But let us tell you now there is no need for you to be disappointed. In this service of Astro Swamiji, we are going to tell you such heroes and precious remedies of Lal Kitab who have been running away from the problems of people for years.

It is said that the Lal Kitab was created in 1939 and since then the book is easily seen to solve the problems of the people. Despite such an experienced book and its remedy, if we are troubled, then it would be better if we speak of its misfortune to us.

The Red Book says that if the person is staying in the house and you are not working or you have a fear of death then you should recite Hanuman ji's Bajrang Ban on Tuesday and Saturday. 5 On Saturday, offer Chola on Hanuman Ji and offer him a banarasi pan. At least 5 times, by offering Chola Chola to Hanuman Ji, all the major problems of your way will end. Apart from this, keeping every morning or Saturday on the leaves of big trees, keeping them in the temple of Hanuman Ji also removes bigger sorrow of the person and also karma like death is cut.

The Red Book says that the master gives ill-gotten results by harassing his grandfather or by harassing the respected person and harbouring sadhus and saints, and such a person may have to suffer a loss in business.

The red book informs us today that due to the way we are going to do the work today, we may have to bear the pain of the way in the coming tomorrow.

The Lal Kitab has written that fighting with brother, cheating with the brother, makes the planet Mars inauspicious, and such a person can be suffering from physical ailments.

In order to bring prosperity in the house, there is a reminder in the red book that if money is a loss of money in the house or if there is no money in the house, then sprinkling rose on the main door of the house, pure ghee on the rose Do Mukhi lamp should be lit. While burning the lamp, the mind should always wish that there should not be any financial loss inside the home.

To fix the economic condition of the house, place a gold coin in the house, give the milk to the dog, and keep the peacock's wings in your room.

The way Lal Kitab appears in our special way help with this method. The red book describes every problem related to the person's life and every misery.

If you also want to end all the problems of your life with the help of these miraculous measures of Lal Kitab, then with the help of Astro Swamiji's service at the earliest, you can end the problems of yourself and your family. So do not wait till you take advantage of this service of Astro Swamiji as soon as possible.

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