Ved prakash

Skills : Vedic-Astrology, Vasthu
Languages : Hindi
Experience : 12 Years
₹ 12 /min
5 mins
1 mins




PT.Ved Prakash Mishra Shri Radha Kunj s / 3 / 266kailash Nagar Shri Dham Vrindavan Mathura I have received a thorough study of Vedic astrology firmly by staying in the pure concentration of the best gurus And I have 12 years of Vedic astrology through the horoscope is discussed in The am so the person lives occur in the auspicious ominous of the event by the natives to the Vedic scriptures according to his treatment tell so the native's life happier lead would hold this formulations ,made defects Pitru dosha ,progeny ,career, happiness ,marital life ,and fate expressions by looking at the solution is

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