Raj Shekhar

Expertise : Vedic-Astrology, Prashna-Kundali
Languages : Hindi
Experience : 5 Years
₹ 11 /min
5 mins
337 mins


Love and Relationship
Career Consultant
Finance Consultant
Health Consultant
Wealth and Property


Raj Shekhar Chaubey

Introduction: Raj Shekhar Chaubey embarked on his journey into astrology under the guidance of his guru ji in 2012, continuing his studies until 2015. He also completed his graduation in Philosophy by 2015. Since 2015, Raj Shekhar has been providing astrology consultations, specializing in Vedic Astrology, Krishna Murthy Stellar Astrology, and Prashna Kundli. Through his astrological expertise, he has helped numerous individuals navigate crucial aspects of their lives, including marriage timing, job opportunities, child-related matters, and relationships. Raj Shekhar believes in addressing problems at their root, offering simple yet effective solutions that bring relief and foster a deeper understanding of astrology.

Approach: Raj Shekhar approaches astrology consultations with a focus on identifying underlying issues and providing practical solutions. His goal is to empower his clients with knowledge and insights that enable them to make informed decisions and overcome challenges.

Services Offered:

  • Vedic Astrology consultations
  • Krishna Murthy Stellar Astrology guidance
  • Prashna Kundli analysis
  • Advice on marriage timing, job opportunities, child-related matters, and relationships

Connect with Raj Shekhar Chaubey: For astrology consultations that offer practical solutions and insightful guidance, reach out to Raj Shekhar Chaubey.

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