Expertise : Vedic-Astrology, Psychology, Prashna-Kundali
Languages : English, Hindi
Experience : 10 Years
₹ 22 /min
196 mins
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Manish - Astrologer

Introduction: Greetings! I am Manish, an experienced astrologer with over 10 years of dedicated practice in the field. Throughout my journey, I have assisted countless individuals in finding answers to their questions about the future through horoscope analysis. Questions related to marriage, love, and children have been common themes among my clients, and I provide insightful remedies to alleviate their concerns.

Background: My passion for astrology ignited over a decade ago, and since then, I have delved deep into the study and practice of this ancient science. Through years of dedicated service, I have honed my skills and gained invaluable experience in deciphering the mysteries of the stars to guide others on their life paths.

Approach: My approach to astrology is rooted in compassion, wisdom, and a genuine desire to help others. By analyzing horoscopes with meticulous attention to detail, I offer personalized remedies and solutions to address the specific challenges and concerns of each individual. I believe in the transformative power of astrology to bring clarity and relief to those who seek guidance.

Services Offered:

  • Horoscope analysis
  • Marriage predictions
  • Love and relationship insights
  • Future predictions regarding children
  • Effective remedies for alleviating worries and obstacles

Connect with Manish: If you're seeking clarity and guidance for your future, I am here to assist you. With my years of experience and compassionate approach, I aim to provide you with valuable insights and remedies to navigate life's challenges with confidence and positivity. Reach out to me for a personalized consultation on AstroSwamig, and together, let's unlock the mysteries of your destiny.

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