Acharya Archish

Acharya Archish

Charge : ₹10.00 / Min.
Experience : 5 years
Language: Hindi
1805 Calls
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Love and Relationship
Marriage Consultant
Career Consultant
Health Consultant
Birth Time Rectification
Match Making

About Acharya Archish Ji

This is an astrologer with rich experience of more than 5 years, in these five years I have seen the birth charts of many people and by giving them the right guidance, they overcome the problems going on in their lives and in the same way, I am serving this wonderful knowledge in my life to the people. 

He consider myself very fortunate that God has considered me worthy of this wonderful knowledge. 

His constantly increasing knowledge in astrologt is providing reliable solutions for the life long and ongoing troubles faced by people today. 

He have a very good and god gifted understanding of horoscope reading and I thank God very much for using this wonderful knowledge in my life for the good of the people with full sincerity and service.

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(Friday, 10 June 2022, 10:39:49 AM)

Bad bad bad they are not answering bad

Acharya Archish

मै अपने प्रत्येक customer का ख्याल रखता हूँ और उन्हे सही guidance देता हूँ । जब तक मेरे पास आपकी कोई Call या chat request ही नही आई तो मै कैसे आपको जवाब दूँ और आप यह कैसे कह सकते हैं कि मैने reply नही दिया ।

Ayushi Bharti
(Thursday, 09 June 2022, 8:59:05 AM)

Rahul Sharma
(Monday, 06 June 2022, 2:4:01 PM)

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