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Dr. Harshvardhan Rao

Dr. Harshvardhan Rao

20.00 / Min.
15 years 0 month

Dr Harshvardhan Rao has been working for 15 years, in the field of Vedic astrology. He started his study as a child in the Gurukul method of learning, due to the company of the wise men of Vedic astrology, and due to the natural attraction of Vedic astrology. He started study of Vedic astrology. Originally, Vedic astrology's mathematics and the fruitful rewards attracted him to work on this subject. His preliminary Study of Vedic Astrology was completed in Gurukul in the picturesque surroundings of the Joshimath (Uttarakhand) and the spiritual environment. He considers it his great fortune that Vedic astrology and the mystical science of Mantra Shastra became familiar to him with elementary education, as without the initial knowledge cannot become the master of any topic. After that, he went to Garhwal University and Kashi Hindu University where he received the title of Shastri (Graduate) Acharya and title of Bidyawaridhi. He has had the opportunity to attend many seminars and conferences in the country and abroad. Vedic astrology is not merely a means of living for him. It is the realization of the meaning of life.

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jayXXXp joshi

(Monday, 02 December 2019, 8:30:49 PM)

He is the best astrologer in this portal.