Weekly Horoscope Sept 20 to Sept 26, 2021 for all Zodiac Signs


As per weekly horoscope for september month, this week, Moon is in your second house with Venus in your zodiac, which is a very good position, you can definitely say that this week is going to be spent with your family members and some sweet memories will also be added to your life in this week. Along with this, some new friends and new people will come in your life for which you have been trying for a long time, this week there will be some expenses and some laziness can bother you till the end of the week. There are possibilities of getting money, you should recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly, then your week will be very good.

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As per weekly horoscope for september month, this week the lord of your zodiac, Venus is exalted along with the Moon and is sitting in your own zodiac, the combination of two auspicious planets is giving birth to Malavya Yoga in your zodiac, you will feel very good, your health is going to be very good with this Would like to say that you are going to have a very good relationship with your colleagues in your family in your work, you will also get good growth in wealth. Many types of benefits are visible on the side, you can also get benefits.

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As per weekly horoscope for september month,This week can be said to be moderate or parallel for you, there are chances that if you go shopping, you will have a connection with the market, then you will not be able to keep your budget in mind and especially for things and clothes related to amenities. In case you will not be able to restrain yourself due to which there may be some side effects on your budget in future, the same position of Sun Saturn Mercury in Lagna can also disturb you a bit and at this time you should take the opinion of a sensible person, week In the beginning of the year, you may be worried for some time, but the position of Mars and Jupiter is very good for you, surely your family members will show you the right direction, along with this you can buy your new house, new house and car. If you are a doctor or if you belong to defense, then you also see a lot of possibilities of being honored for your work, worship Shani Dev, you will get the benefit.

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As per weekly horoscope for september month, the beginning of this week will be very normal, but after Wednesday, there will be a lot of change in your behavior. This is the right time, you will have to pay a little attention to your health, there may be laziness and there is a possibility of some dispute with someone, due to which your mental health may be a little unbalanced, at this time you should also focus on your business a little. There is a need to pay a little attention and even if profit is being made, then you have to do your investment after thinking carefully, you are getting full support of fate, worship Lord Vishnu, listen to Satyanarayan Katha.

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This week will prove to be hard work in the field as well as giving better results You will get the position of Venus and Moon in the karmic field is very good, the position of Mercury, Saturn, Sun in the profit house, you are suddenly getting a situation of monetary gains, along with this, Mars in the tenth house will motivate you to do something different, there are also possibilities of traveling abroad. This week is seen, it will be a very good time for wealth and married life, worship Lord Shankar, chant Om Namah Shivaya Mantra.

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As per weekly horoscope for september month, this week, you see the need to do some self-reflection and you will be loosing something in yourself, there will be some such tasks for which you have been trying for a long time but you are not getting that kind of benefit. And your mind is now getting away from work, at this time you also need to pay attention to family life and family relations and it will not be right for you to get angry without meaning, the support of luck will save you from many troubles. Along with this, all your old investments will prove to be very beneficial for you, the future action plan is going to be much better for you. You will definitely get benefit. Worship Lord Lakshmi Narayan and listen to the recitation of Shri Sukta.

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As per weekly horoscope for september month, this week may be full of some health concerns for you in the beginning, you may have stomach and headache problems, along with this some new problems in the work area may trouble you for a long time. The results of the things for which you are working are not visible according to your mind. By the end of the week, there are possibilities of some things coming under your control. Important documents and secrets should not be shared with others because it can also make you a victim of some financial fraud. Aur Gam GanpatayeNamah chant this mantra you will get benefit.

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As per weekly horoscope for september month, this week is going to bring your new responsibility and some light moments along with it, for a long time you were thinking about some things or were thinking something, then the time has come that your wishes are there. New friendships will be fulfilled, there are full possibilities of new relationships coming into existence, along with this, there is also a possibility of increasing respect and respect in your family and society, you can do some new work in the business field too. This week will prove to be very good for businessmen, especially those who have work related to the stock market or those who are from the IT industry, they see the possibility of getting a lot of benefits, if you do a job, then you will also get a job. You will get progress, such possibilities are visible, overall this week will go a lot better for you.

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Here the week will be full of preparations and busyness, you will get many new programs in the workplace and you will complete them in full manner. It is possible that you may become the owner of the land or you may not become the owner of the vehicle or you may buy some luxury goods, along with this, the moon is visible to become some new sources of wealth along with the busyness of work as well as on your health. Also pay attention because excessive busyness can have a negative effect on your health, worship Lord Surya and you will get benefits by chanting Gayatri Mantra.

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As per weekly horoscope for september month, this week can prove to be a bit awkward for Capricorn people and you may get confused on some things. It's time to be very careful in your business and personal relations, don't think or take any decision in a hurry even though your confidence is very deep and high but still you need to pay attention your clever intelligence work so well But sometimes the work done at a high speed becomes negative later on, you are likely to get full support of luck, family is also visible in your support, mainly you can do any work with the help of others. This week it will be better for you to do it only after taking opinion. Worship Lord Ganesha Om Gan GanpatayeNamah, chant this mantra.

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As per weekly horoscope for september month, this week will be a special focus for you on love relationships and work, your health will be mixed, your family relations will be normal for you. If you are suffering from a long illness, then this week you can also get rid of those problems, time will be spent in the family in a very entertaining way, you will make new plans for the future, this type of planetary situation is being created in your back or in your feet. You may also feel some pain or stiffness, by donating food to a poor person, you will get benefit. Worshiping Lord Shiva will keep your mind calm.

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As per weekly horoscope for september month, this week will be very good and happy for you, mentally you will feel yourself very strong and you will feel a positive energy inside you, along with this, the tasks which have been pending for a long time will also be carried forward. This is the right time for you to move forward with a new energy, this is also the time especially for starting new relationships, new business, you are seeing full possibilities of getting many new opportunities but you have to act very wisely and the same You will have to start the work in which you can get good benefits, you will get a lot of respect in the society, you will get good love and love among siblings, along with this, your personal wealth and your happiness will also see a good increase. You are getting some trouble from the side of the child, you should recite Sundarkand and you will get a lot of benefit by worshiping Hanuman ji.

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