Weekly Horoscope, 01 to 07 November 2021: Check Your Zodiac


This week is going to be very positive for you. You are also likely to get a big business deal this week. Your relationships seem to be giving you benefits at this time. Your thoughts at the moment are all looking very positive. You have to note that you may face some problems in the field of money. You may also have some negative money. But this time you have will power. Have confidence. It seems that he is only at a very high level. In the field of career, this week is being seen very good for you in terms of health in the marital sector. From the middle of the week, you may have to face some laziness and some problems as well. But if you look at the larger scale, you can see a lot of profit as well. What is your field of work at the moment? You will definitely get some special benefit from this, such possibilities are coming. You will be very positive at this time and people will also support you a lot, you are getting 100% support of luck. Overall, this week is proving to be very good for you. You should respect your elders and by chanting this mantra, you are seeing the possibilities of getting very good benefits.

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This week is going to be a bit confusing for Taurus, but some pending work will start being done for a long time, whatever deals related to house vehicles were stuck, those special work which were stalled due to paperwork. The week will be over, this week is looking better for you in love affairs too. There may be some ups and downs in married life. You can also balance this thing with mutual understanding, take care of yourself, especially in terms of health, you will have to take care of food and drink You will also get There is also a possibility of money coming this week. You may get some special good news from your friends or your associates. Due to which a happy atmosphere will also be created in your family. Along with this, your mind is going to pass with your family and old friends in a very cheerful and very positive way at this time. Maybe due to some minor dispute, you are seeing the possibilities of having a little sour and sweet experience in life this week. You are getting almost good support of fate. You are seeing many types of benefits in the workplace as well. Do take care of health, worship Lord Shiva and chant the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, by donating Kheer in the Shiva temple, you will get very good benefits.


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This week is going much better for you. There will be happiness and adventure in your life. Along with this, the happiness of being with your family is also likely to remain in your mind. You are also going to have a pleasant experience of fulfilling some big family responsibility. Due to which you are also expected to get a lot of respect in the society in the family. Your decisions are also going to be very good. Your social status will increase. The time of economic progress is also coming to see. Maybe you can invest on property or in the stock market. Which is also likely to give you a good profit in the future. Along with this, there is a possibility of you getting a lot of profit in the field of love affairs at this time. You will get full support from your friend and there will be a pleasant experience in your life. Health is also supporting you at this time. Some sporadic enemies may try to harass you. But at this time their pulses are not going to melt at all and your positive attitude will definitely give you a lot of benefits. You should worship Lord Shani, together with Om Pram Prim Praum Sam Shanishcharaya Namah, chant this mantra and you will get very good benefits by donating mustard oil.

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This week is going to be very auspicious for you. Most of your attention is going to be on family economic progress as well as religious. You will feel very good, you will feel a wonderful energy inside you, whatever work you take in your hand, you will definitely leave it after completing it and it will be in a very positive effect. The effect of Rahu is very good in the field of profit. Therefore, there is a full possibility of getting many benefits for you. Along with this the position of Mercury in the third house is very strong. You can go in the role of mediator in any big social and family dispute. Which will be a positive initiative that will bring you a lot of fame and fame. But you should not lose your temper in any work. You have to keep a complete hold on your intellects. So that no such thing or any such work is done by you so that you may have to face problems in future. There will be full effect of luck in your field of work as well as in your business and you will get benefits and along with this you can start a new work. So that you will get good profit. You should worship Lord Vishnu. One should chant Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya Mantra and donate yellow rice. You will have a very good week this week.

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This week will be full of energy and struggle for you, thus the influence of planets is visible. The position of the Moon is quite strong. Due to the position of Sun, the lord of Leo, in Libra, you will think about it many times before doing any work, due to which there may be a slight delay in getting the work done. But it can also be said that the work of Mars with the Sun will definitely be delayed but it will happen in a very good way and you will definitely feel a soul bliss. Your hard work in the workplace will be helpful for you as well as in whatever work you do. He will brag a lot and you will also give him respect. Due to less time in the family, you may also have some estrangement. Which is also likely to cause a lot of anger in your mind. You can tell by looking at the position of your planets. The mind and attention that you have at this time is engaged in proving yourself somewhere and you will definitely tell it to do because you do whatever work you take in your hands, you do it very well. Your colleagues, your friends and your family members have seen this experience many times. The thoughts you will have at this time will work very effectively on people, in general, people will obey your words and will also implement them. You have to pay some attention to your health. If you are doing any work in the same way. So make a little change in it, it will benefit you a lot. Worship Hanuman ji and recite Hanuman Chalisa, your week will be spent very well.

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This week is going to be very positive for the people of Virgo zodiac. Mercury, the lord of your zodiac, is going to stay in your zodiac in the beginning of the week. But in the middle of the week, this place will change and in your money house, the Sun will move with Mars and Mercury. Chances of getting your stalled money are high and there will be a possibility of new money coming from somewhere. Health-related concerns may remain with you. The presence of Sun, Mars and Mercury in the second house can cause headaches and eye-related problems from your zodiac. Ketu in might make you a little lazy in the middle of the week. Fourth Venus from your zodiac is increasing your happiness. Adding to your luxury life. This week you can get the benefit of a new vehicle or house. Both Saturn and Guru of the fifth house are paths. Children's worries will go away gradually and love relationship is a worry. She will gradually go away, you will get much better results than before, the seventh house from your zodiac also sees the third vision of Saturn, which is showing some ups and downs in the family especially in married life. Rahu of the new house will give you full support from the side of luck. If anything is stuck on you, it will be your complete. At the end of the week, you will have to have some control over the expenditure of money. The end is your week. He looks very mixed.

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This week is looking very auspicious for the people of Libra zodiac. The position of Sun and Mars in the Ascendant will bring many kinds of happiness in your life. The arrival of Mercury in the middle of the week will also give you happiness. Being a debilitated Sun, you have to take care of your fitness. One has to take care of food and drink, stay away from fire. Due to Ketu being in second place from your zodiac, suddenly the sum of money gains is also being made. You can also get good news related to ancestral property this week. Third Venus from your zodiac can make you meet siblings for a long time. Due to which happiness will come in your life, your ability to work will increase and you will be relaxed this week due to long exhausting work. Saturn in the 4th house from your zodiac can give concerns related to your mother. The vehicle is showing signs of auspicious work in the house. Due to the fifth house lord Saturn being in the fourth house from your zodiac, there will be some conflict in love relationships. Worries related to children can also always haunt you. This week is looking very auspicious for married life. Sweetness will be visible in the relationship between husband and wife. Eighth Rao is also indicating a journey towards the end of the week. You will get happiness in the workplace, there will be a desire to work. 11 Moon from your zodiac sign is bound to give things according to the mind. The sum of increase in wealth is also being formed. In the first half of power, again and again, Mercury can get some money spent for the honor of the sage of the house. Overall, this week is going to be good for you.

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This week is going to be mixed for Scorpio people. Ketu of Ascendant will definitely give you happiness but it will also keep a state of confusion and at this time you may have some difficulty in getting out of the situation of confusion. Venus in the house of money can get the expenses related to the honor of the monk in your house. But at the same time the sum of Lakshmi's arrival of wealth is also visible. Due to the seventh aspect of Venus in the eighth house, expenses can also be incurred in travels. You will also spend this week to please someone close. Saturn and Jupiter of the mighty field strengthens your position. You will definitely feel a little lazy in the middle of the week. But there will be no obstructions in your work, the third sight of Saturn goes to your fifth house. You will be sure of happiness related to children and love relationship. Due to the presence of Jupiter, the blessings of the elders of the house will also be with you in this happiness. Rahu in the seventh house from your zodiac will make you a responsible person in your married life. You are seeing the full sum of understanding your spouse and respecting their feelings. The Moon in Karma Bhava shows your karmic status strong. Moon will now give you the praise of your work and the reward of your work. The Mercury of Profit is committed to give you money and change and you may also get some good news related to change of location. You may remain troubled by eye pain. Along with this, you may have to do some financial help related to father and elder brother. This week is going to be normal for you.

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This week is looking very auspicious for Sagittarius. Having Venus in your zodiac sign is very prosperous. Health-related concerns will go away for you this week and you will feel fit and healthy. The cooperation of Saturn and Jupiter in the second position from your zodiac is making you a bit stingy. Along with this, you will definitely help the needy with your heart. Which will give you immense happiness. Having a momentary break from work will give you time for your fitness and on yourself and your family. From the comforts of life to the vehicles, houses etc., the sum of things is also being formed. This week is going to be normal for love affairs. Worries related to children will be removed. This week is looking very good for married life. People who are away from married life for a long time. can start living together. The Moon in your zodiac sign is giving strong support of luck. Mercury is showing the ability to provide you leadership in the field. The Sun of Profit Mars gives you a revolution of wealth gains this week. There will definitely be expenses, money will also come completely for you. This week is going to be very good for you.

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This week is looking very positive for you. You seem very conscious about your health. Your health will also be very good, the field of money is very good. There is also an increase in your sources of income. You are also going to work hard this week and its benefits will definitely come to you in future. You should not get carried away by emotions, otherwise you may face some problems. You are going to get 100% support of fate this week. This week certainly looks to be going much better for you. Before taking any big decision, make sure to discuss with your special someone else you may regret it later. You should not get into any greed, greed can bother you. You will do any work during this time. Surely his results will be much better in future. You are also getting chances of some changes in the field of work and there are chances of becoming some new sources of income. Some new people can also come in your life at this time, so that you will also get a mental satisfaction and this dream of yours will be spent leaving a lot of positive effect. You should worship Lord Ganesha by chanting Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya Mantra, you will get a lot of benefits.

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This week will be mixed for the people of Aquarius. The first two days of the week will be very busy for you. In this you also have to take care of your health and also fulfill the needs related to your family. Keeping this thing in mind, definitely talk about your time so that you will not have any kind of dilemma at home and outside. Jupiter, the lord of the second house from your zodiac, is sitting in the twelfth house. All this is costly to you and it is also going to bring wealth. But take special care while spending because you can spend more by coming in love and taking special care of this thing. Due to Mars, the lord of might, being in the 8 Nawab house from your zodiac, you will get the support of luck and karma together. Your hard work will also be seen paying off this week. Also, the benefits related to the house vehicle may be partial. Lord of the fifth house Mercury, the lord of the fifth house from your zodiac, can give you concerns related to children and love. Married life brother, time is looking good. The whole week will remain in happiness and in Mars for you. You will prove yourself again this week in the career field. You will prove your mettle. By fixing the Venus of the house of profit, it is seen giving you money benefits. The sum of having money in travel is also becoming the sum of spending money. Overall this week is looking auspicious for you.

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This week is looking beneficial for the people of Pisces sign. The lord of the zodiac will move in the house with Saturn, which will definitely give you benefits related to money work in your life. This Mars can get you some big, big position, big money benefits. Moving with the Sun increases the strength of that matter. Rahu of might, the third Rahu from your zodiac will increase your might. Your ability to work will show your intelligence, which will also affect people. Since the lord of happiness is sitting in the seventh house, this week the secret of your happiness is related to the happiness of your life partner. If you can keep them happy then sure. There will be happiness in your family only in your life. There may be some disappointment due to the Moon being in the sixth house, the lord of love affairs. There may also be some disappointment from the child side. Marital life is visible in Mars. Due to luck being your blessing, you are seen giving strong support. Your position will be engaged in religious activities, worship, etc. You will be busy in religious activities this week, the sense of Venus will give you happiness from your field of work. Yes, your money is also being spent at the end of the week. Take special care while spending money, this week is looking auspicious for you.

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