Pisces Zodiac Sign (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Pisces Symbol – Fish

Pisces Element – Water

Ruler Planet – Jupiter/Neptune

Pisces Birthstones – Yellow Sapphire

Sanskrit Name – Meena

Compatible Zodiac Signs – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Pisces Sign Personality Traits

Pisces is the twelfth place in the zodiac and constellation. This zodiac is the only Ubhayodaya Rashi to reside in the north direction. That is, from both the face and tail of this zodiac. In the constellation, this zodiac starts from 331 degrees to 360 degrees. The shape of Pisces is like two fish in a circle, facing each other's tail. Pisces (Meen Rashi) has been said to be a two-natured sign and a water element of a gentle nature. Jupiter, the lord of this zodiac and its color is bright white, the place of Pisces in the body of Kaal Purush has been said in both the legs. The abode of Pisces is water i.e. rivers, streams, ponds are water bodies like seas. This female gender is an even and gentle zodiac sign. Like all zodiac signs, Pisces has two Hora.

Pisces Zodiac (Meen Rashi) - Hora, Dreshkana, Saptamaansh

The first hora is of 15 degrees and the second hora is also of 15 degrees. The lord of the first hora is the moon and the lord of the second hora is the sun. There are three Drishkana in Pisces zodiac. The first Drishkana is of ten degrees. Similarly, in all the three Drishkans, the full amount of thirty degrees comes. Jupiter is the lord of first Drishkana of Pisces, Moon is the lord of second, Mars is the lord of third Drishkana.There are 7 Saptamsa in Pisces. Mercury is the lord of the first seventh, Venus in the second, Mars in the third, Jupiter in the fourth, Saturn in the fifth, Saturn in the sixth and Jupiter in the seventh.

Let's understand how the position of the planets and constellations would affect natives of this Zodiac and what would be the position of different planets and constellations.

Pisces Zodiac (Meen Rashi) - Navamaansh, Dvaadashaansh

There are 9 Navamsa of Pisces zodiac. A Navamsa is of 3 degrees and is complete with 20 vikas. Moon is the lord of the first Navamsa, the Sun of the second, Mercury in the third, Venus in the fourth, Mars in the fifth, Jupiter in the sixth, Saturn in the seventh, Saturn in the eighth and Jupiter in the ninth. Now coming to the tithe of Pisces. Pisces zodiac has 10 tenths. Every tenth has 3 degrees. The lord of the first tenth is Mars, the second lord is Jupiter, the third is ruled by Saturn, the fourth is also ruled by Saturn, the fifth is ruled by Jupiter, the sixth is ruled by Mars, the seventh is ruled by Venus, the eighth is ruled by Mercury, the ninth is ruled by Moon and the tenth is ruled by Sun. Similarly, there are 12 dvadasamshas in Pisces. Each Dwadashamsa is said to be of 2 degrees and 30 degrees. Jupiter is the lord of the first twelfth of Pisces, Mars of the second, Venus of the third, Mercury of the fourth, Moon of the fifth, Sun of the sixth, Mercury of the seventh, Venus of the eighth, Mars of the ninth, Jupiter of the tenth, Saturn of eleventh and lord of twelfth is also called Shani.

Pisces Zodiac (Meen Rashi) - Trishaansh, Shashtayansh, Nakshatras

There are 16 shodasamshas of Pisces zodiac. One Shodashansha consists of 1 ansha, 52 kalas and 30 vikas. Jupiter is the lord of first tenth of Pisces, Saturn of second, Saturn of third, Jupiter of fourth, Mars of fifth, Venus of sixth, Mercury of seventh, Moon of eighth, Sun of ninth, Sun of tenth , Venus of the eleventh, Mars in the twelfth, Jupiter in the thirteenth, Saturn in the fourteenth, Saturn in the fifteenth and Jupiter in the sixteenth. There are 5 trishanshas in Pisces zodiac. The first trishansh is of 5 degrees and its lord is Venus. The second Trishansha is of 7 degrees and its lord is Mercury. The third trishansha is of 8 degrees and its lord is Jupiter. Fourth Trishansh is of 5 degrees and its lord is Shani. Fifth Trishansha is of 5 degrees and its lord is Mars.

In this sequence, there are 60 Pisces of Pisces, of which 30 Kala means half an degree. Some of their owners are as follows. First Indurekha, Second excursion, Third Sudhasayo, Fourth Atishit, Fifth inauspicious, Sixth auspicious, Seventh Nirmal, Eighth Dandayut, Ninth Kalagnibha, Tenth Praveen, 11th Indumukh, 12th Drishtkaral, 13th Susital, 14th soft, 15th Soumya, 16th Kalrupa, 17th Utapata , 18th Vanshchaya, 19th Chief, 20th Kulnash, 21st Vishdagdha, 22nd Full Moon, 23rd Amrit, 24th Sudha, 25th Kantak, 26th Adham, 27th Ghor, 28th Davagni, 29th Kaal, 30th Death, 31st Mandatmaj, 32nd Malakar, 33rd Kshiti Teej, 34th Kalinasha, 35th Ardra, 36th Deva, 37th Digambara, 38th Vagish, 39th Vishnu, 40th pada, 41st Komal, 42nd Mirdu, 43rd Chandra, 44th Amrit, 45th Snake, 46th Kala, 47th Indra, 48th Varuna, 49th Yama, 50th Maya , 51st Dev, 52nd Agni, 53rd Kulghna, 54th Corrupt, 55th Kinnar, 56th Yaksha, 57th Kuber, 58th Rakshasa, 60th Ghor. These 60 people of Pisces zodiac give auspicious and inauspicious results to the natives according to their names. In Pisces, in the 108 stages of twenty seven constellations, a total of nine stages from Purvabhadrapada to Revati, in which the last phase of Purvabhadrapada constellation whose characters are renewable. Purvabhadrapada 4 di, Uttarbhadrapada 1 du, 2 th, 3 jha, 4 j, Revathi 1 de, 2 two, 3 cha, 4 chi, in total these nine stages are of Pisces. All the phases are of 3.20 degrees and the Nakshatra lords of each of the phases are also different with Jupiter.

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