Mercury Transit In Cancer on 25 July 2021 Effects and Remedies

Mercury is a planet of thinking, intelligence, and perception. You find yourself eager and inclined to explore your intellectual horizon. When Mercury retrogrades through your zodiac signs, you feel conscious and receptive to have just new experiences. Sings which are influenced strongly during this transit of Mercury in Cancer are Virgo, Gemini, and Aquarius. This transit will also affect the top phenomenon of human virtues like thought, ideas, conversation, listening, learning, and perception.

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Effects of Mercury Transit 2021 Effect in Cancer on Aries

Opportunities in your way because you are focused and determined. You will grab the opportunity for your career growth, business restructuring, and financial accumulation. Health is a matter of uttermost significance, so a casual approach to diet and exercise may make your family member vulnerable. Make conversation because argument or heated debate may give your temporary leverage but a permanent loss at your workplace or in your family. If you are doing a job in the private sector, you will get big responsibility with added perks and benefits. Mercury transit in Cancer will bring a better result for students or operational job doers if you are prepared and hard working.

Astrology Remedy: Wash your new clothers properly before wearing them.

Effects of Mercury in Cancer Transti 2021 on Taurus

transit of Mercury in Cancer will bring a conducive time for the business owner, venture capitalist, and people who belong to print and electronic media. Self-employed people will be back in their income and positioning because opportunities will lie beneath their feet. This transit of Mercury will give Taurus natives so many chances to explore their career horizons. Entrepreneurs may travel abroad for the further expansion of business. Do not be over-possessive in your relationship because you may be hurt. Do not fix what is not broken.

Astrology Remedy: Recite Lord Budha mantra can make mercury in your favour.


Effects of Mercury Transit 2021 Effect in Cancer on Gemini

In this transit of Mercury in Cancer, you will crack so many business negotiations because you are the best in persuasion and discussion. Your dynamism and enthusiasm will profoundly influence the people around you. People will earn fortune that belongs to the professions like art, acting, and science. You will stand extraordinary in presence and virtues. Family support will endure your mental strength and financial contribution. The flow of money seems intermittent, so spending lavishly may disturb you. Innovation in technology adaptation will rule the world. Take care of your parents.

Astrology Remedy: Feeding parrot is also the best way to worship planet mercury.

Effects of Mercury Transit 2021 Effect in Cancer on Cancer

Transit of Mercury will bring a perfect time for the start-up and small-scale industries. Your business acumen will open new ways for the business's success profitability. Job holders will do commendable work. They may get incentives and perks in terms of over delivering performance beyond the call of duty. Control your suppressed desires of flaunting your money. The declining health of your family member may bother you. Tour and travelling are possible due to business demands and growth. Your callous attitude may hurt your beloved or family members so respect their feelings and requirements.

Astrology Remedy: To lessen the effects of malefic mercury, donate pure ghee and milk in temples.

Effects of Mercury Transit 2021 Effect in Cancer on Cancer

Health issues, overspending of money and lack of family support may disturb you. You have many responsibilities to delegate and overcome challenges. Due to financial constrain, you will be under constant pressure. Stress may further lead to sleep deprivation and anxiety. So, take care of psychological health because you are much prone to acquire any disease. Lack of family support may turn into emotional turmoil, and trust issues may break you completely. You should speak deliberately to your spouse, and it would be better if you don’t touch the delicate issues. Peaceful gestures and control of psychological impulses will bring you out of this intricate situation.

Astrology Remedy: Offering green vegitables and grass to cow also lower the impact of weak mercury in Kundli.

Effects of Mercury Transit 2021 Effect in Cancer on Virgo

The dynamism in your personality will make spellbound people around you. Your working style will be rewarding and appreciated. People will curious to know about the secret of your excellent performance and impeccable virtue. Excessive expenses on unwanted things will make a hole in your pocket, so be careful while spending money. Family life is peaceful, and you will get social acclamation in your vicinity due to emotional bonding and touchy nature. Students will find their studies fully absorbing and grasping. Health seems to sound, so happiness is on your way during this transit of Mercury in Cancer.

Astrology Remedy: Do not disrespect your sister or sister-in-law.

Effects of Mercury Transit 2021 Effect in Cancer on Libra

It is time to take a new initiative to re-establish your business setup. Foreign collaboration may be helpful to accelerate your work and revenue. The family business will gain momentum during this transit of Mercury in Cancer. You may spend a lot of money on investment purposes.

You will outsmart your competitors and colleagues in business, and job respectively. The family support system will help you morally and financially. You may go to any religious place with your family. Health is above wealth, and you will not get anything rewarding without it.

Astrology Remedy: To lessen the negative effects of mercury, you should keep good oral hygiene.

astrology-appEffects of Mercury Transit 2021 Effect in Cancer on Scorpio

Scorpio natives will get perks, promotions, and leave according to their wishes. Transit of Mercury is super favourable for you, and you will do excellent work in your respective fields. Social acclamation and rewards are on your way. Professionals who come from art and innovation will do a commendable job. You will feel thrilled and exhilarated in this period. Do not be the victim of overconfidence and over-commitment because it will have a detrimental effect on your career and life. Do not let success overcome your head and act cordially.

Astrology Remedy: Avoid meat, egg and alcohol can also make mercury in your favour.

Effects of Mercury Transit 2021 Effect in Cancer on Sagittarius

Your family will work as a support system because you cannot rely on others for your compulsions and difficulties. Financial issues may be a nagging concern because your position seems to highly vulnerable in this transit. Take an opportunity like a challenge and do hard work. Do some philanthropic work, and it will give you a sense of accomplishment and peace. Your commitment to work will be rewarding but you won’t get more according to your expectation in this period. Any altercation in the family from your side will be hostile, so control yourself.

Astrology Remedy: Wear copper ring in your middle finger.

Effects of Mercury Transit 2021 Effect in Cancer on Capricorn

You should develop family intimacy and trust because these factors are most significant to run a relationship smoothly. Be watchful of your business rivals because they make take undue advantage of your tactical decision. It is time for socialization and increasing your friend circle because your future and success depend on them. Those who are self-employed will have a better cash flow in this transit of Mercury in Cancer. Take the calculated risk because shooting with blinded eyes may be disastrous for you. Your negotiation skill will win a fortune for you.

Astrology Remedy: Do not take gifts from unknown person.

Effects of Mercury Transit 2021 Effect in Cancer on Aquarius

Here is the mixed result for Aquarius natives in this transit of Mercury in Cancer. You should be meticulously observant before making any investment because time is not favourable in this context. Those who have been preparing for the competitive exam will get the result soon. You may get engaged in a family dispute or office politics, so avoid these conflicts beforehand. Your reckless attitude can make you broke financially, so make judicious use of money. You are susceptible to any infection or disease, so diet and exercise will play an important role keep you healthy and strong.

Astrology Remedy: Taking blessing from your eunuchs is also power ful remedy for Mercury.

Effects of Mercury Transit 2021 Effect in Cancer on Pisces

You should avoid rough driving because you may commit any accident or damage. Job holders will get long awaiting promotion and bonus in this transit of Mercury in Cancer. Family support is good, and you will spend time with your parents and children. Students will gain momentum in their studies. They will take some profound steps to shape their future and career. You will make any holiday trip to any pilgrimage or tourist destination. Lovers will get affirmative signals from their beloved side and spend time in togetherness.

Astrology Remedy: Helping poor people by offering food and money can avoid the harful effects of mercury in horoscope.

Know how to avoid harmful effects of Malefic Mercury in your Kundli? Talk to Astrologer now!

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