Face Reading Astrology: Face Reading Can Reveal Your Future

Face reading astrology or 'Physiognomy' is very useful and just like any other science such as astrology or palmistry and will help you learn more about a person and their personality traits. It can also help you to understand the inherent characteristics and nature of a person. We can know about a person and his fate just by looking at his face and his body parts. Different types of faces reflect different personalities. One can judge the person very easily with this technique.

Face reading is not a new science or research; it has existed since the time of Aristotle. Regarding face reading or appearance, there is an infinite history and extensive literature. The classic literature about reading faces of Homer and Hippocrates was also discovered. But the most extensive research study of appearance belongs to Aristotle. He studied various characteristics such as color, skin, air, limbs, gait and even voice, and wrote his explanation.

For centuries, people have been studying faces to learn more about individuals through the basics of face reading. The curious human mind has always been fascinated to learn more about the thinking of others. The traditional Chinese face-reading method believes in the ideology that the external part of the body reflects the guiding force. There are more than 100 points on the face. You can easily analyze the face using these points and find more about people.

In astrology, the method of telling personality and fortune by studying the body is called Samudrik Shastra. In Samudrik Shastra Vidya, a person can be identified by looking at the face and limbs. Accordin to ancient Indian face reading astrology, your face also tells about your job, career and business.


Here, we will introduce some face reading techniques.

Facial Shapes

The first characteristic about the face is its shape. Faces can be round, oblong, square and triangular.

Round face

People with a round face are known as a water-shaped person. They have plump and fleshy faces. These people are emotional in nature. They are sensitive and caring people. They generally have strong sexual fantasies. These people are the right choice for a long-term and stable relationship.

Oblong Face

The long, thin face is referred to as the wood-shaped face. These people may moreover have muscular or athletic physique. They are believed to be practical, methodical, and tend to be more hard working than others. They may be weighed together with narcissism and will have tough relationships.

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Triangular Face

These face shapes are usually related to having a slender body and are intellectual. They are creative and have a fiery temperament. They are able to make a big impact on anyone with their wisdom. Because of their creativity, they are very artistic and often achieve success in the field of art.

Square Face

Square faces are called metal-shaped faces. These people are smart, analytical and have determined minds. Square Face shape is related to aggressiveness and dominance.

Rectangular face

People with rectangular faces are also honest, humble and diplomatic. These types of people are the best in leadership and that is why they are also in good positions in work. The balance of honesty and intelligence is the biggest feature of their character and are very practical and grounded. Such people know their strengths and weaknesses very well and because of this they have the ability to touch new heights.

Face Profile

Convex Face

People with a convex face have tilted forehead, slightly protruding eyebrows, slightly larger nose, with slight curve. They even have a receding jaw shape. These people belong to the stubborn category. They have a harsh nature and an impatient personality.

Concave Face

The concave type has a prominent forehead, almost straight eyebrows, a small nose, a straight or slightly curved or curved inward. They have a flat mouth and a perfect chin that bends outwards. These people are considered kind and patient. They tend to judge things purposefully.


Plane Face

The flat profile has neither the expected features of a concave shape nor the complex features of a convex shape. They have the same character and balanced mindset.

Concave-Convex Face

Individuals with this profile have concaved upper and lower convex faces. These people are usually weak and impulsive. They are often very unreliable people.

Convex-Concave Face

The top face is convex, and the bottom is concave. These people are said to have dominant personalities. They are also related to the deliberate and possessive nature of concave contours.

Forehead Shape

Straight Forehead

Those having Straight Forehead are called progressive thinkers, and they follow a progressive mentality. They cannot consider the third point until they fully understand the second point. However, they were mostly misunderstood as stupid children in childhood; although they are very smart. It is the progressive style that slows down their thinking speed, and they do not have the ability to react quickly. They face difficulties when working under pressure and need time to consider in advance. Therefore, in pressure situations such before the end of the exam or deadlines, due date, they always tend to lose control.

Sloped Forehead

Such people are quick-thinking people. They are so fast that they tend to finish your sentence before you finish. People with straight foreheads are easily disinterested because they cannot prevent themselves from reaching their own pace. You will find basketball players and football players having sloped foreheads. They are also quick decision makers, so they have a tendency to make inaccurate decisions.

Curved Forehead

They are very creative people and don't like restrictions imposed on them. They like to use their imagination and hate math and calculations. Such people are good at arts and fields related to creativity and imagination. The curvature of their heads tends to occupy a large part of their brains, so they are very smart, and you will find that there are many geniuses in them.


Face reading skills related to eyebrows have also revealed things about people. When a person has weak or thin eyebrows, he tends to be indecisive and may have little confidence. 

Thick eyebrows represent self-confidence and strong personality. 

Unibrow shows strong persistence. These people are often jealous and possessive. These people are introverted and have a tendency to think a lot.


A person with prominent eyes can be said to be cheerful and happy. You would think that this person is kind, and approachable. The small, sly eyes reveal a tense temperament. Small eyes can also indicate a perfectionist and careful person.

  • Close-set eyes usually indicate good concentration. Close-set eyes indicate narrow-mindedness.
  • Uneven eyes indicate that this person has different views on things from different angles. 
  • Wide eyes show that a person is open-minded, tolerant, and rarely respects authority figures.
  • The upturned eyes indicate a speculative person, someone got what they wanted. People with deep eyes are strong, progressive, and observant. They are usually in the creative and writing fields.


1. A person with a tall, straight, full, and fleshy tip, with gently widened but protected nostrils, is believed to be the best nasal shape.

2. The fleshy tip can be a symbol of warmth, and deep empathy. They have great demands on themselves and are kind souls.

3. Individuals with large or oversized nasal tips indicate violent streaking, and a larger nasal tip indicates that they are more prone to violent acts.

4. An aquilinear person can be a strong-willed, independent, and enterprising person.

5. An upturned nose indicates someone who likes to blend in with the people around him.




1. A small, shaped mouth shows a feminine bent, and men with small mouths tend to be shy and unmanly.

2. Trout Mouth shows a communicative person and the breadth shows the generosity of the character.

3. Thin upper lips and full lower lips indicate those who cannot reciprocate in a very good relationship. The full upper lip and the thin lower lip show a giving person.

4. A loving and sensitive being is indicated with full and round lips and small lips signify an egocentric personality.
5. Upward curved lips show an optimistic person, and a downward curve shows a person with a hard top.

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