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Bhai Dooj or Bhaiya Duj is a major festival of Hindus, which is celebrated by all women praying for the long life of their brothers and in return, they receive gifts from their brothers. This festival is celebrated on the last day of the 5-day long Diwali festival which occurs on the second day of the bright fortnight or Shukla Paksha in the Hindu month of Kartik. This year Bhai Dooj is being celebrated on November 3rd, Sunday.

Bhai Dooj 2024 Date and Time

Bhai Dooj 2024 Date - November 3rd, Sunday.

Bhai Dooj or Bhaiya Duj vaccine Muhurat/Bhai Dooj time = 13:10 to 15:22

Untold story Behind Bhai Dooj

It is believed that according to Hindu mythology, after defeating the evil monster Narkasur, Lord Krishna paid a visit to his sister Subhadra, who warmly welcomed them with sweets and flowers. He used tilak on Krishna's forehead with affection. Some people believe that this is the origin of the festival. However, it is also believed that on this special day, Yama, the god of death, to visit his sister, Yami. He placed a tilak on his forefather's forehead, put garland on him and provided him with special food which he cooked himself. Since they were meeting with each other after a long time, so they dined together and talked about each other importantly. He also shared gifts with each other and Yami made the gift from his hands. Yama then announced that whoever tilak from his sister on this day will receive long life and prosperity. On this basis, Bhai Dooj is also called Yama Dwitiya.

How to celebrate the holy festival of Bhai Dooj 2024?

Bhai Duj is celebrated with the invitations of sisters for the splendid food specially made by sisters, in which their favourite dishes are included. This celebration is about the brother's responsibility to protect his sister as well as the brother's responsibility. This is a very celebrated festival where sisters perform aarti of their brothers and make a red tick on their forehead. The criticism ceremony on Bhai Dooj's occasion shows a sister's prayer for her brother's long life and prosperous accumulation. In return, the brother gives gifts that can happen in monetary terms as well. In some parts of India, the women who are not worshipped, are instead Lord Moon. As a tradition, they apply henna (henna) as a tradition on their hands. At different places, Bhai Dooj festival is celebrated in different ways. In Haryana, Bhai Fota is celebrated with high energy and enthusiasm. During the ceremony, many rituals are performed, which also includes a grand banquet for the brothers. On this special day, the brothers go to their sister's house and the ceremony starts with aarti. A tradition is followed on brother duo, where coconut is worshipped and sister is presented to brother. Then the sister tilak on her brother's forehead and feeds her delicious sevaiya. He also blesses his brother for long and satisfying life. As mentioned earlier, it is after the exchange of gifts between brothers and sisters. This festival is similar to the festival of Raksha Bandhan. Brother Duj's festival gives family members and relatives a chance to meet each other and spend some great time together until their heart is satisfied.

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