18th lok sabha election 2024 predictions

Lok Sabha elections 2024 astrological predictions

The grand festival of democracy in India, the Lok Sabha elections of 2024, is approaching. You will be pleased to know that we accurately analyzed the previous 17th Lok Sabha elections in 2019, predicting the arrival of the current government (Bharatiya Janata Party). We are once again presenting our analysis for our readers, so we request you all to read this article till the end.

First, let's talk about the horoscope of India, which we analyze based on August 15, 1947. India's horoscope has a Taurus ascendant and Cancer sign. Currently, it is in the Mahadasha of the Moon and the Antardasha of Venus. The Moon is the lord of the achievement house in India's horoscope, leading to progress and development in India. According to our analysis, there is no possibility of a change in the current ruling government, and India will script new records on the global stage in the coming times.

Looking at the planetary positions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the BJP's perspective, if we analyze his horoscope, according to Vedic astrology, Modi's ascendant is Scorpio, and his horoscope is of the Scorpio sign. Currently, he is in the Mahadasha of Saturn, which will bring him into conflict with the opposition, but Modi will not face any obstacles in moving forward. The Mahadasha of Mars is ongoing, and due to the Chandr-Mangal Raj Yoga in the ascendant, Modi is experiencing a very good time. However, from April 20, 2024, the Antar Dasha of Saturn in Mars will begin, which could bring good success to Modi despite the struggle with the opposition.

Now, let's look at the planetary positions of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the Lok Sabha elections 2024.

In BJP's horoscope, there is a partial Kaal Sarp Dosh, but the strong position of the Sun prepares them for the struggle. Their position of investment and Venus is also excellent.

The position of the Moon and Saturn in Scorpio sign in their horoscope is strong, which is leading them in a positive direction. According to Indian Vedic astrology, the Moon's Dasha will last until 2028.

गThe flow of the future BJP has created a charisma in the youth class. The BJP is succeeding in attracting youth, and there is a possibility of winning a significant portion in the 2024 elections. Their influence will be particularly on the younger generation.

वMatching with Modi's chart, Scorpio ascendant and sign are favorable for him, which makes him influential.

Combining coordination and conclusion, it is clear from this analysis that the future of the BJP is positive. This is an important time for them, which will make them even more powerful. In this political race, the position of the planets is in their favor and is leading them towards success. The imprint of the BJP will remain indelible in the future.

Now, let's turn to the planetary positions of the Indian National Congress for the Lok Sabha elections 2024.

The Congress has faced difficulties in recent years. If we look at the chart of the Congress, from April 2019, they have been in the Mahadasha of Jupiter, which lasts for 16 years, and Jupiter is placed in the sign of Gemini, which is the enemy house. From this time, the situation of the Congress has been continuously deteriorating. From April 2024, the Antardasha of Saturn will begin, which is their total of 19 years, which is highly unfavorable for the Congress. However, the planetary positions in their horoscope are strong, which is challenging for Congress.

The Congress has to face many challenges, but the positions of Saturn as the lord of profit and expenditure in their horoscope provide them with stability. The Dasha of Saturn will provide stability to Congress.

Congress will have to face challenges in the elections, but it is their time of struggle. Overall, in the year 2024, Congress will have many lessons to learn, which will make them positive about their future.

According to this analysis, Congress should be prepared to struggle, but they can expect a positive situation in the future. Comparing with Narendra Modi's chart, they will have to face various challenges, but they have the ability to maintain their influence.

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