Sun zodiac

Sun has been considered a very important planet in astrology. Surya or Sun has many positive effects in a newborn’s life. If the sun is in a good state in the horoscope and it is powerful, then the person continues to progress in life. At birth, it is very important to study the position of the Sun in the horoscope.

After studying the date of birth, the Sun sign is calculated. For example; those born between March 21 and April 20 belong to Aries, and persons born in the period from 21 April to 20 May are born in Taurus zodiac sign. This is how this sequence progresses.

In the West, this is how the prediction of the future in done and today this is also seen prevalent in Eastern countries like India. While writing the horoscope, the Vedic astrologer assesses the position of the sun and accordingly mentions its effects on the zodiacs or horoscopes.

In astrology, the constellation is visualized as 360-degree cycle. This 360-degree circle has been divided into 12 parts, and 12 zodiacs have been created. That is why every zodiac is said to be at 30 degrees. In one complete year, the Sun enjoys a position in one part every day; it completes its travel in one zodiac in 30 days and in one year it travels through all 12 zodiacs or horoscopes.

The completion of a month's travel of the sun determines one zodiac sun sign. This sequence starts with Aries and completes with Pisces. It is quoted in the Yajurveda that Surya or Sun is the master of the soul and is stable in the sky.

Let us tell you about sun zodiac according to your date of birth-

Aries - 21st March to 20th April

Taurus – 21st April to 20th May

Gemini-21 st May -20th June

Cancer – 21 st June to 20 July 

Leo - 21st July to 20th August

Virgo - 21st August to 20th September

Libra - 21st September to 20th October 

Scorpio - 21st October to 20th November 

Sagittarius - 21st November to 20th December

Capricorn - 21st December to 20th January 

Aquarius - 21st January to 20th February 

Pisces - 21st February to 20th March

It is important to note that whenever you read your horoscope, you must understand whether the horoscope you are reading is the Sun sign or the Moon horoscope. 

If the horoscope has been written according to the Moon, then you should know your Moon zodiac sign. The moon zodiac means the zodiac where the moon was positioned at the time of your birth. That is called the Moon sign. On the other hand, the Sun sign is determined after the date of your birth, and according to the date on which you are born, your Sun sign or sun zodiac is created.   

There is a lot of confusion between the Sun and Moon signs. Many times, horoscope is written according to moon is read according to the Sun's zodiac sign and vice versa. After getting the incorrect results, we think that astrology isn’t working and start criticising this ancient system. Therefore, we recommend that before you can read the horoscope, you should be well aware of the difference between Lunar zodiac and Sun zodiac. 


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