On January 6, 2019, Earth will witness the first solar eclipse of 2019 and its important to keep these things in mind on that day. 

The year 2019 will start, and the solar eclipse will also occur in the first month. Yes, the year 2019 is going to start with the solar eclipse. For your information, we wish to share that the solar eclipse is going to take place on January 6, in the first month of this year for which many things need to be taken care of. Be aware that if the eclipse falls on the day of ShaniShastra Amavasya, then on that day, the importance of certain rituals increases; this includes the reading of scripture, chanting, charity and pilgrimage, mantra, siddhi and havan.

What is a Solar eclipse?

If you want to know how the solar eclipse occurs, then when the moon passes between the sun and the earth, then this astrological phenomenon is  called the solar eclipse. In fact, the shadow of the moon falls on the sun, due to which eclipse occurs.

How long will the solar eclipse remain?

On the 6th of January, in the new year,  the solar eclipse will begin at 8 hours  16 minutes, which will reach the peak of 9.30 pm and will end at 10.56 pm. It is also very important to take special care of many things during this period.

Beware of the Sutak or Impure time

Let us inform you that on the day of sun eclipse on January 6, 17.30 the sutak will begin which will remain till 10:56. There are a few things to keep in mind that we have given below.

Do not do the following during the Sutak

1) Do not start any kind of new work during this period.

2) During this time, do not cook or eat food.

3) Do not go to the toilet during the sutak.

4) The most important thing is that you must not touch the idol of Gods-Goddesses and basil plants during this time.

5) Do not brush your teeth and do not even comb the hair.

These are things that must be done:

1) During this time, you can chant sun related mantras. This will bring great benefits.

2) When the eclipse is complete, make sure to sprinkle Gangajal in the home for purification.

3) When the solar eclipse ends, after that take a bath.

4) When the eclipse and the Sutak end, then after this, purify the statues of gods and goddesses with Gangajal. 

5) Do not eat food prepared before the eclipse and make fresh food.

During pregnancy, pregnant women take these special precautions:

During solar eclipse or lunar eclipse, it is important for pregnant women to take care of many things because they have a baby inside the body.

1) During such times, pregnant women should not get out of the house.

2) Do not make the mistake of looking at the eclipse.

4) Do not do sewing and embroidery.

5) Do not chop vegetables during the eclipse and do not eat any vegetables or fruits.

6) Do not use needle and knife.


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