Rose Day 2020 - Date and Significance of Each Colour

Rose day which begins on 7th February every year is one festival which a lot of people anxiously wait for every year. They may have various reasons for waiting for this one festival but at the end of the day, the day is celebrated by giving the rose to their loved ones.

Beginning from 7th Feb every year it also marks the beginning of the valentine's week which is then followed by other days like Hug Day, Kiss Day, Propose Day etc and if we call it the month of love, it won't be incorrect to say so.

On this day, roses are given as a token of love and affection between two lovers, friends, Spouses and to anyone who is intended as someone special by someone else. In this month lovebirds are in a different world altogether on a voyage of love looking forward to discovering the love of their lives or filling the gap in their lives with someone special they are in love for a long time, rose day is the perfect moment to express all those hidden emotions and eventually proposing your sweetheart on the Rose day. In today's fast-paced life when everything is going very quick it is very difficult to find that perfect moment to celebrate your love and express your true feelings among your partners and, Rose day is the one day which is the day just dedicated for that someone special which is then followed with an entire week just for your lovers to let them feel special in the world. Usually, when on odd days everything goes, as usual, two love birds make their partners feel top of the world.

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Different names of Rose in Sanskrit

In northeast India, there are over 15 species of roses with medicinal benefits which have been used for making medicines as per Ayurveda, and in CharakaSamhitait there are eight different names for the rose in Sanskrit, like "Satapatri" (with 100 leaves) also called "Sivapriya" (loved by God Shiva), the destroyer "Saumyagandha" which means having a pleasant redolence, other names are Susita (white), Sumana (Jasmine), Gandhyadya (Perfumer), Suvritta (Skillful), Satapatrika (botanical name for the flower in Ayurveda). Some even believe that buddha who's mostly depicted sitting on lotuses, however, many haves depicted him sitting on a 5 petal rose. And even in Kamasutra, there are mentions that as part of his duties as an ideal wife a woman should also plant a garden with a variety of vegetables and aromatic flowers.

Importance of each colour of Rose (Symbolic Significance)

Confused? How to choose the right colour of the rose. Well, here we tell you the essence of each colour of rose and their symbolic significance.

Red Rose - Used to expressing love for someone, suitable for young lovers.

White Rose - Symbolises purity and innocence the best suitable for newly wedded couples.

Yellow Rose - Symbolises positivity and joy the best suitable for Friends and cousins in the family.

Pink Rose - Symbolises gratitude and praise the best suitable for Friends, co-worker, Family members and teachers.

Orange Rose - Symbolises passion and enthusiasm the best suitable for anyone whom you feel proud of.

So, let yourself feel the love in the air and let yourself fly to the love of your life on this Rose day. If, you are already in love let this rose day be the most memorable day of the year and make your better half feel the best in the world.

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Well, there could be a lot more stories in history about the rose day, one such Myth is an amusing story concern to roses on the rose day. If closely follow the letters in 'ROSE' if you jumble up the letters you would find that the letter Rose can also spell as "EROS" In Greek mythology, Eros is none other than the Greek god of love and sensuality, Greek mythology also reveals that Red rose is the favourite flower of Goddess Venus, who is addressed as the goddess of love. Roman analogue for "Eros" was Cupid who is again the god of desire, Love, Eroticism, Affection, and attraction.

History of Rose Day

Since centuries and earlier cultures, flowers were always used for decoration and during wedding ceremony Roses were used as the primary element for decoration, and usually used the most where the couples perform the marriage ritual, main decoration element in wedding celebrations. Since then, through this practice over the centuries, roses were always adorned as a symbol of love and passion. In today's technological world, presenting a red rose to your loved one is considered to be the most influential messages of true love.

Why Are Roses the Most Famous Flower?

Well, in the west Roses have always been and by far the most culturally important flower. Even Shakespeare has written numerous quotes about flowers and notably most about the rose.

The History of Roses in India

There is an incident where there was a discussion going on between the two Hindu god's Brahma the creator and Vishnu the protector about flowers, the question was as to which flower is most beautiful a Rose or a Lotus. While The creator Brahma chose Lotus, Lord Vishnu choose the Rose. Brahma asked the reason behind choosing Rose as the most beautiful flower, hence lord Vishnu took him to his garden, Brahma accepted the fact that Rose was the most beautiful and superior flower than any other flower, after seeing the beautiful garden and tempting fragrance of the Roses. Other legends suggest that Vishnu created goddess Laxmi (wife of Vishnu) through Rose.

Rose day 2020 Date

Rose Day - Friday, Feb 7, 2020

Valentine Week Days 2020 with Dates

8th Feb 2020 - Propose Day

9th Feb 2020 - Chocolate Day

10th Feb 2020 - Teddy Day

11th Feb 2020 - Promise Day

12th Feb 2020 - Hug Day

13th Feb 2020 - Kiss Day

14th Feb - Valentine’s Day

Which colour will best suited for your Partner, Know As per your Zodiac Sign Now!

Wishing you and you're loved once a very happy Rose day.

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