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Paush Purnima 2025 - Today let us tell you about a very special Purnima which has a lot of significance. And these special Purnima is known as Paush Purnima which is falling this year on Monday, January 13, 2025. Paush Purnima comes just before the Magh month, and all the deities are worshipped in a very special way.

When we talk about Hinduism worship has been given significantly high importance. And worshipping God in Hinduism is foremost and above all.

Not only this, it can be easily seen that every month there is a festival celebrated in Hinduism. And similarly, Purnima and Amavasya are viewed as special days and festivals. The festival of Purnima (the full moon) and new moon which occurs every month are very special. Krishna Paksha's last day is on Amavas and Purnima (full moon day) is on the last day of Shukla Paksha. The day when it's the full moon, it is called Purnima and people also observe fasting on this day.

The day when there is no full Moon in the sky, the day is regarded as Amavasya. Purnima and Amavasya are both celebrated as a festival. Both these have a great significance in Hinduism, as on these days people keep fast and do worshipping with a lot of devotion and reverence.

Importance of Paush Purnima 2025

Paush Purnima 2025 is considered important as this Purnima marks the beginning of the Magh month as per Gregorian calendar. This month is also significant as taking an early morning bath in this month is considered very auspicious and is said to achieve the ultimate moksha.

In the Magh month, daily practice of taking early morning bath and visiting a temple and performing a Havana brings ultimate freedom from the cycle of birth and death and re-birth and the person who does so reaches the ultimate moksha. When a person takes a dip in the water of holy Ganga, the one who does so offer himself/herself in the feet of god.

The month of Paush Purnima is dedicated to the Son Lord, and worshipping Sun god during Paush Purnima leads to moksha (release from the cycle of rebirth impelled by the law of karma) People who follow Jainism celebrate Shankabhari Jayanti on Paush Purnima, and begin Pushpabhishek Yatra on this day.

Paush Purnima 2025 Puja Vidhi

Paush Purnima 2025 puja Vidhi (process) is quite simple, and on the day on Paush Purnima people should take an early bath at 4 am and should do a Jalabishek of Lord Shiva, and offering bananas to Lord Shiva on this day gives astonishing benefits.

People should also worship Lord Krishna along with Lord Shiva, one should recite Krishan Chalisa and then do aarti and later offer food to a cow and doing so gives you Moksha. There is also a ritual of keeping fast on this day.

Talk to our expert astrologer and ask about the special pooja rituals of Paush Purnima.

Paush Purnima 2025 Bath Significance (Magh Snan Commencement)

On the day of Paush Purnima, one must get up early before the sunrise, and take a pledge. However, taking a bath in a river or a Kund is considered the most sacred. Before taking the bath, native should bow down in the namaskar mudra and pay respect to Lord Varun Dev.

On Paush Purnima on should worship Lord Krishna, and it is said that and an individual received ultimate Salvation following this method. Wake up early in the morning and worship deity with the special method. And the deity should be offered milk, different fruits and doing so will fulfil all your wishes.

After bathing, should chant sacred mantras of Lord Surya, offering Argh to Lord Surya is stated to be propitious. Following this, the person should do penance with mantras on the day of Paush Purnima.

The worship of the deity should be worshipped with Aarti along with the accurate pronunciation of Mantras. Offering food to needy people or a Brahmin, donating alms washes of your biggest sins. Sesame seeds, jaggery, blankets and clothes can be donated.

Legends associated with Magh Mela Prayagraj and Haridwar

According to the legend, during the churning of the oceans or Samundar Manthan, there was a huge battle between the Devta's (residence of heaven) and demons (the one who lives in hell) just after Amrit Kalash came out. Devraj Indra ran around the earth to hide the urn filled with nectar, out of which some of the nectar drops had fallen in Haridwar (Magh Mela Haridwar), Prayagraj (Magh Mela Haridwar), Ujjain and Nashik. Before, he gave the Urn to Lord Vishnu. And since then, it had very special significance for taking bathing at these four places has been told.

Paush Purnima 2025 Fasting Date and Time

Paush Purnima: Monday, January 13, 2025
Full moon date starts - January 13, 2025 at 06:03 am
Full moon date ends - January 14, 2025 at 03:37 am

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