Pataleshwar temple

In this miraculous temple, Lord Shiva is offered broom instead of sweets, milk and holy water. You will be shocked to know the reason behind it. Definitely after reading the headline of this article, one must be wondering if it is a joke or some mistake, so for clarification no, it's not. For your information, there's indeed a temple where Lord Rama is offered brooms as a special offering, unlike other temples where sweets and milk are offered. Here the devotees present Lord Shiva brooms instead of sweets, coconuts and flowers. This temple is popularly known as Pataleshwar temple and it is situated at a small village on Agra highway near Muradabad city. There is a large idol of Lord Shiva where the devotees offer him brooms. It is said that people gather from all over the country to visit the Lord to gain his blessings and to get rid of any sort of skin disease. Every Monday a large number of devotees gather here to visit their Lord. According to mythology if the devotee visits this 150-year-old temple and offers the broom at the Shivaling which is at the centre of the temple then Shivji heals their skin problems and blesses them with health, wealth and peace. This ritual is being performed since decades and the devotees feel that there are some holy vibes around the temple which help them get cured of their disease. According to myths, once there lived a man in the nearby village whose name was Bhikari Das. He was a trader and was the richest man in the whole village but unfortunately, he was suffering from skin diseases and no doctor could help him. While visiting the doctor, once he saw an Ashram and visited it to get some water as he was thirsty. But when he entered the ashram, the saint there touched him with the broom and miraculously all his skin disease and pain disappeared. The surprised Bhikhari asked the saint the mystery around it and the saint told him that he is a true devotee of Lord Shiva and due to his blessings only his disease got cured. In return, the trader offered the saint gold coins but he denied 




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