Mata Kushmanda Devi

On the fourth day of Navratri, the Mother Durga is worshiped as Mother Kushmanda Devi

Mata Kushmanda Devi is worshiped on the fourth day of Navratri as the form of Mother Durga. According to Hindu religion, the mother rides on a Lion and lives in Suryalok.  Mother Kushmanda has eight arms, each having an item of significance. The eight items in every hand of the Goddess are a lotus flower, the bow, the kamandal (stoup), the Sudarshan chakra, the garland, the kamandal garland, the gada(mace) and the arrow. The mother looks beautiful and attractive. With arms and ammunition, there is an urn of nectar (Amrit) in the hands of the Mother. On the fourth day on Navratri, the Kalash is worshipped as usual to please the mother. According to Hindus, to sit in this puja, a green seat should be used, and the Mother should be worshipped by offering water, flowers and fruits to seek her blessings. 

Here we mention the benefits of worshipping Mother Kushmanda Devi.

1. If someone in your family has been suffering from a long illness, then on this day you must worship Mother Kushmanda. Offer water to her, this will cure the sick person soon, and Mother will also bless them with long life.

2. On this day, the Goddess Kushmanda Devi is pleased with offerings of incense,  lamp, and bhog and blesses you with your heart desired results. It is said that when the Universe did not exist, then Kushmanda Devi had created the Universe or Brahmand. Therefore, she is also called Shrusti Swaroopa or as Shakti. 

3. Devotees worshipping this Goddess with octagonal arms get rid of all their diseases. Their longevity, success and strength increases. If you want to progress and succeed in life then, you must worship the Mother Kushmanda using the correct rituals and methods.

4. Mother Kushmanda takes away all the sorrows of her devotees and provides all worldly pleasures. The worship of the Mother will set every human free from misery. 

Mantra of Mata Kushmanda's Aarti Worship:

Devi Kushmanda's worship is done with the chanting of this mantra - Kushmanda: Anh Hri Dewai Namah:

“Vande Vaschit Kamartha Chandaradhkritshekharam

Sinharuddha Astabhuja kusmanda yashasvineem

Surasapurnakalash, Rushiraplutameva Ch. 

Dudhana hastapadabhayam Kushmanda Shubhadastu Main”


Ma Kushmanda kis Aarti


Kushmanda jai jag sukhadani

Mujh par daya karo maharani


Pingala Jalamukhi nirali

Shakambari Ma Bholi Bhali


Lakho niram nirale tere

Bhagat kai matwale tere


Bhima Parvat Par Hai Dera 

Sweekaro Pranam yeh mera


Sab ki sunti ho Jagdambe 

Sukh  paunchati ho Ma Ambe


Tere Darshan Ka Mai Pyasa

Purna Kar Do Meri aasha


Mother ke Man maein mamata bhari 

Kyon na sunegi arj hamari


Tere dar par kiya hai Dera 

Door karo Ma sankat mera


Mere karaj pure kar do

Mere tum bhandare bhar do


Tera Das tujhe hi dhyaye

Chaman tere dar sheesh jhukaye


We have told you about the worship method of mother Kushmanda, aarti and mantra. After doing this, all the difficulties in your life will be taken away. 


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