India vs Australia World Cup 2019 match predictions

India vs Australia World Cup 2019 match predictions

ICC World Cup 2019 - ICC Cricket world cup 2019 is around the corner. Indian team is ready. One of the major tough opponents of the Indian team is Australia. The match with Australia is on 9 June 2019. The major thing which Indian team needs to consider is that the Australian team is the former champion of the world cup and overall three times winner TOO. Moreover, explosive batsman, David Warner is in great form in IPL for which Indian team will have to make a different strategy.

2019 Cricket world cup Predictions

One of the most important and crucial players in world cup from the Indian side will be captain Virat Kohli. The probability of winning against Australia will mainly depend on the form of Virat Kohli. If he will strike well then Indian will have an edge and if he fails to perform then Indian will come under pressure as it is the biggest stage of the world cup with a tough opponent.

If we talk about the squad then there are no chances of any change in the final squad. In the bowling department, two specialist spinners will be the part of the team which are  Kuldeep Yadav and Yajuvender Chahal. Kedar Jadhav will present as the part-time spinner who can ball as per the situation of the match. Hardik Pandya will fulfill his role as an all-rounder as he can bat and ball perfectly. His form in IPL as a batsman is par excellence. It may be possible that Vijay Shankar does not get the chance to play in this match

Virat Kohli Horoscope for 2019 Cricket World Cup

Leading astroportal  Astroswamig has brought down the prediction of this match. Astroswami has studied the horoscope of both the captains. The sun sign of Virat Kohli is Virgo. On the day of the match according to the planet position the moon will be Leo. Rahu is sitting the horoscope of Virat Kohli and mercury is the present inauspicious place. Moon of Virat Kohli is sitting in a profitable place and conditions are in favor of him.

Aron Finch Horoscope for 2019 Cricket World Cup

In the case of Australian Captain Aron Finch, his sun sign is Taurus Condition is Rahu and Sun is indifference. The situation is not in favor of Aron Finch. Overall if we talk about the prediction then Virat Kohli is one step ahead then Aron finch as per the horoscope of both of them. But Aron finch is a fighter and he will not keep his fighting spirit down at any cost. After all Taurus people are born fighter. If we talk in numbers then India’s chances of winning the match are 55%  whereas Australia will have the chances of the remaining 45%.

Apart from captains let’s talk about a leading player of both the teams, Rohit Sharma and David Warner. Rohit Sharma horoscope and planet situation are very much in favor of him. His planet situation is shinning like Sun on that day which can result in an explosive batting from him. On another hand for David Warner, Mars is sitting in the correct place in his horoscope and he will also play a useful inning for his team.  Overall there will be a fight from both the teams.

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