Christmas 2019 - Importance Christmas Day

Christmas Day is also known as Christmas is a religious and cultural holiday which it is celebrated on the birthday of Jesus Christ for Isa Mashie.  In the United States of America and all over the world Christmas is celebrated on 25th of December every year.

The history behind Christmas Day

In the initial years of the Christian religion is there was the main holiday.  In the 4th century, the officers of charge decided to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ as a holiday.  There are different logics behind the celebration of Christmas on 25th of December but proof told that Christmas was actually celebrated in 354 BC at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ.  Various rituals and custom related to Christmas was developed independently as the memorable day for the birth of Jesus Christ.  Cancer dose which was developed in the early year Christian festivals which were developed in the winter by the idol worshipper which was later converted to the Christian religion. 

The famous environment of Christmas was developed in the 19th century in a timer family-oriented and children Central theme for Central era in a cruel, alcoholic and carnival-like condition to the origin of the holiday.  Christmas was banned by some of the protested group for more than one occasion like Returns the very behind this situation was that he was Idol worshipper and didn't believe in the Bible.  Apart from which between 1659 to 1681 Christian was celebrated in Boston and those who broke the law was fined by 5 Shilling. 

 It is also to be considered that the witness of your Rover was declined and till now they do not believe in Christmas.  The correct date and month of the birth of Jesus Christ is still unknown. An in the early time Of 4th-century Western Christian charge decided to celebrate Christmas on 25th of December. 

 Today mostly Christian Gregorian calendar celebrated Christmas on 25th of December which is a secular world is used by the majority of people.  The date of Christmas can be selected for matching that day at which 9 months before Christians believed that Jesus Christ was imagined.  In the United States of America, Christmas was declared Union holiday on 26th of June 1870.

Rituals of Christmas 2019

Christmas day has historical roots in both religious and cultural believes for a long time it was being celebrated as a secular festival.  Christmas Day 2019 the famous and modern rituals and custom of Christmas Day 2019 include giving gifts, 1 advent calendar for Christmas music, giving and accepting Christmas  Church volunteer duty, one special food Christmas tree, Christmas light it and decoration are included.

Also, Santa Claus, Father Christmas, St. Nicholas and various Christmas gift and things related to the Christian religion is included in Christmas.  Presenting gifts is related with the Christmas Day 2019 and it has led to the growth in the commercial activities also due to which for small retailers and business persons Christmas has become an important event and festival for their business. 

When will be Christmas Day celebrated

Christmas is celebrated every year on 25th December. It will be a holiday. The days can be different but the date will remain the same. 

The story behind the birth of Jesus Christ in the Bible

Those days Creaser Augustus had issued a notice that population counting should be applied in the whole Roman world( It was the first population counting held at the time of the king of the governor of curious Siriya)  and everyone went to his City for registration.

Therefore Yusuf also went from Nazare city of Yahudiya to Bethlehem city of Dawood because he belongs to the home and line of Dawood. She went with Mary for the registration to which she had given words for marriage and she was expecting a child. The time of the birth of the child came and she gave birth to her first child. After wearing him a piece of cloth they keep him in a Mule because there was no place in the shelter. The story is written as it is in the Bible.

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