Date, importance, story and time of Chhathpooja


India is called a country of festivals. Here Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Dussehra, Diwali, Bhayudas, Guru Pahwa and Eid have their own importance.


The sputter of these festivals can be seen not only in the country but also in abroad. Indian expatriates take great pleasure in these festivals.


This festival holds special significance for the Biharis. But along with Bihar, this LokParv celebrated in many parts of UP, Purvanchal, Jharkhand, and Nepal, today it has taken the form of the MahaParva. In this four-day festival, women keep 36 hours of fast and wish for longevity for their husband and son. Let us tell you the significance of the Chhath festival, the worship method, the time and importance of this festival.

The glory of the Chhath festival is immense, according to the scriptures, Chhath Puja begins with KartikShuklaChaturthi and Kartik Shukla Saptami. This time it will start on 13th November with the Nahay-Khay and will end with the sunrise Arghya. It is also called the festival of sun-worship. All men and women celebrate this festival of happiness and prosperity with fulfillment.


Date and time of Chhathpooja


November 13


Sunrise on Chhath Puja - 6:41 AM


Sunset on Chhath Puja – 5:28 AM


ShashthiBeginningDate - 01:50 (13 November 2018) in the morning


Shashthiending Date - 04:22 (14 November 2018) in the evening


Importance of Chhath festival

Since ancient times, Chhath Puja has had special significance. It was started by Kunti in the Mahabharata period. Kunti had received son Karna by worshiping the sun. After this, Kunti son Karna started worshiping the sun god, that God was the supreme devotee of the sun, standing in the water up to the hour-long every day and gave it to the sun. Only after receiving the grace of the sun he became a great warrior. Therefore, even today, Chhath Puja is the method of offering charity.


On the other hand, Pandava's wife Draupadi is also known for worshiping the run regularly. They used to pray for the good health of their families and worshiped sun god regular for longevity. When Pandav had lost all his palatial gambling, Draupadi kept the fast of Chhath. All the wishes of Draupadi were completed with the fasting of this Chhatha, and Pandavas also got back the palace.


In fact, Chhatt, which is celebrated on the sixth day of KartikShuklpaksh, is famous for its family happiness and prosperity and its desired results. Chhat Devi is the sister of Sun God and Lord Sun is worshiped to please them and this worship is done by standing on the banks of Ganga-Yamuna or any holy river or pond.


Chhath Puja begins with the Shukla Chaturthi and the closing Saptami of the Kartik month. The first day is celebrated as 'Nahay-Khay'.Kharna is done on the second day, i.e. KartikShuklaPanchami, People who take vows for Panchami in the morning, they consume kheer, roti, and fruits made from jaggery in the form of Prasad at the time of the evening. But those who keep fasting take food and water only after the fast is over.


Worship of chhath fast


Two days before the Chhath festival, on the fourth day, food is taken after bathing. On Panchami after fasting, people go to any pond or river for bathing to give ardhya to Sun God. After bathing without drinking water the whole day, bathing on the river or pond, the bath is done and the sun is given ardhya.


Method of giving Ardhya

Place bananas in the bamboo soup and other fruits, alonaprasad, sugar cane and cover them with yellow cloth. Then light the lamp in the soup and take the soup in both hands and chant the following chants.


“Om AdhAmukgotroamuknamah mam sarv



Omehi Suryasahastrastashotajorashejagpatte.


While chanting this mantra, let the sunset and chant it three times.


The most important aspect of Chhath Puja is its simplicity, holiness, and Lokpaksha. For this festival full of devotion and spirituality, neither of the huge pandals, neither the grand temples nor the rich statues are needed.

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