Benefits of Wearing Silver Ring

In Indian culture there is a great significance of wearing ornaments by women. India is the largest consumer of jewelry all over the world.  A woman’s beauty in jewelry increases almost ten times then her natural beauty. There are different types of ornaments from small to large shape and size. Out of these Silver, the ring is one of the most worn ornament by ladies due to its small size and beauty.  But the fact is wearing Silver ring has its other health benefits also. Silver is a soft white and lustrous metal which looks very beautiful because of its shine. Which we will discuss below-

According to Ancient astrologers, Silver is associated with Venus and Moon. It is believed that silver was produced from the eyes of Lord Shiva due to which Silver is a symbol of prosperity. So whosoever wears silver is fulfilled with prosperity. Silver ornaments can be worn by people in different ways. It includes a ring, chain, ring for feet finger.

Vedic Astrology Facts about Wearing Silver Ring 

Apart from enhancing the beauty, there are other Vedic astrology benefits also of wearing silver which we will discuss below.

The first thing you need to do is to buy a silver ring from a jeweller. After which on Thursday night you have to dip the ring in water overnight. Then on the next day that is Friday morning, the ring has to be placed in front of Lord Vishnu and proper worship is required to be done with all rituals.

After worshipping and praying small amount of Sandal(Chandan) has to be applied on the ring. Then flame and incense sticks also need to offer to the ring. Along with all these little amounts of Rice also has to be offered to Vishnu. After which the ring is now ready to be wear in the smallest finger of the right hand.

Jupiter and Moon benefits by wearing Silver ring Benefits 

Silver is actually a strong antimicrobial agent which helps in fighting infections, protection from cold and flu and other healings.

1.    Wearing a silver ring leads to increase in the beauty of the person. It also diminishes black spots and acne also from the face and body.

2.    If the person is short-tempered and aggressive then wearing a silver ring helps in making the mind of the person cool and calm. His anger also starts decreasing.

3.    Mental capacity also starts increasing which ultimately help in increasing intelligence and making the brain from sharp.

4.    In health issues like joint pain, cough and arthritis silver ring works wonder and is very effective.

5.    As an alternative, a silver chain can also be wear in neck. It also helps in curing the stammering problem.

6.    Silver reacts and changes its colour when reacts with toxins. So when the sodium level in the body increases the silver ornament like a ring or chain changes its colour.

7.    Because of its health benefits, many tools and medical devices are made from silver

Overall Silver ring not only beautifies the body and mind but also it helps in curing various health problems as well. So wearing a silver ring is recommended to many people by astrologist also.
To know more about silver ring Vedic benefits or for your personal queries, talk to best astrologers in India.

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