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Red-Coral Cylindrical Details

Vedic Astrology considers Coral Gemstone as representative of Planet Mars. Coral is a fiery precious, bright red stone found in the oceans. The Coral does not have mineral origin, Coral is formed by living corals under the sea. When the coral polyps die, the hardened skeletal remains are made into stones. Nature creates coral in several colors, including the orange to red forms. If Mars is your positive planet, then you can wear the Coral. It can cure many blood disorders, give courage and confidence. This astrologically significant stone is also called ‘Marjaan’, ‘Sinduja’, ‘ ‘Praval Ratna’, ‘Lata Mani’, and ‘Mangalmani’

Who should wear Moonga stone?

The Moonga is related to Mars, the fiery red planet that governs courage, determination and physical strength, and is worn for strengthening a weakly placed Mars in a person's Kundali or reap the benefits of its favorable position.
Vedic Astrologers recommend Munga or Red Coral for Mesh or Aries and Vrischik or Scorpio Rashi. Western astrology considers this birthstone auspicious for Aries which can also be worn for its benefits by the ascendants of Sagittarius, Cancer Pisces, & Leo.
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Benefits and Drawbacks

Red Coral can remove laziness and make the wearer powerful. Wearing Coral is beneficial for those with Manglik Dosh in the horoscope. It lends the wearer aggressive qualities such as leadership skills by imparting determination, initiative and focus to the wearer. Therefore, individuals in Army, Military, Police, Sports and professions that bank on mental and physical resilience must wear this gemstone. In vedic astrology, Mars is considered ruler of land and property and therefore brings positive results for people associated with real estate, interior decoration, mining, oil rigging etc.
Its ability to restore digestive, circulatory and mental health is unmatched. It removes laziness.
If one wears Coral without showing their birth chart to an expert, it can lead to an accident. It can cause high blood pressure if it doesn't suit you. You can do something disastrous under its influence. It also puts a heavy burden on the spouse, and can create Family fights and speech difficulties. Whenever Saturn and Mars are placed together, it is greatly advised to avoid wearing the Coral.

Consult our expert astrologers

You can wear appropriate carat of this stone as prescribed by an experienced astrologer. The Coral must be worn in a gold or copper ring and worn on a Tuesday morning during Shukla Paksha, in the ring finger of the right hand.
This is an expensive stone and also has instant effects. Therefore it is recommended to first consult an experienced astrologer who should study your birth chart and suggest its use with extreme caution. Get the right and genuine astrological advice through our site, we also offer original high quality gemstones for your convenience.

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