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Tiger Eye Details

This is a stone that resembles the eyes of Tiger, hence it gets its unique name Tiger eye. It is also called Hawk’s Eye, Falcon’s Eye. Tiger Eye is said to give enormous fearlessness and internal strength to users. It has the ability to protect and therefore was worn by antiquated Roman heroes in the war zones. Extracted from crocidolite mineral, which upon oxidation gives this rich brilliant earthy colored shade of stone. This chatoyant stone is appreciated for its recuperating and mystical properties. It is a hard stone and generally utilized for making dazzling jewellery and wristbands. It belongs to the Quartz group of precious stones and requires a similar general care. It is very reasonable in price regardless of its great properties.

Who should wear the Tiger Eye stone?

The Tiger eye stone is found in the minefields of Australia, South Africa, India, Mexico among other places. Tiger’s eye is widely used as a jewelry stone and as a substitute for the precious stone Ruby.
The stone is related to Sun and Mars, the fiery red planet that governs courage, determination and physical strength, and is worn for strengthening a weakly placed Mars in a person's Kundali or reaping the benefits of its favorable position. Its association with the Sun makes it important. It is highly recommended that those born in numbers of 2 or 7 should use this stone. Otherwise Tiger Eye can be worn by any zodiac sign and people of all genders, and ages. It is popular in Vastu and Feng Shui practices.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Tiger Eye mined in South Africa and Western Australia are believed to be of the finest quality.
is known to help in healing conditions such as high blood pressure and bronchial asthma, kidney problems, heart diseases, psoriasis, and is ideal for getting rid of procrastination. Tiger Eye gemstone can open-up the sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra in body and enhances creativity as well as psychic powers in the wearer. Tiger Eye is an active and energetic stone.
Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Virgo should not use this gemstone. Sometimes it can cause difficulty in sleep while wearing it. People suffering from insomnia or bad dreams, then they must avoid wearing Tiger Eye. People for thom quartz in general is not suitable should avoid Tiger Eye.

Consult our expert astrologers

You can wear the appropriate stone as prescribed by an experienced astrologer. The Tiger must be worn in a Silver ring or locket. It is good luck stone that should be carried in your pocket when travelling. it must be recharged by soaking overnight in salt water before wearing. Protect the stone from any sharp edged items or blows for longer life.
This is not a very expensive stone and also has instant effects. Therefore it is recommended to first consult an experienced astrologer who should study your birth chart and suggest its use if needed. Get genuine astrological advice only through astroswamig, you also don't need to worry about where to find these stones as we have certified high quality gemstones on our site as well.

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