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Hakik Details

Hakik or agate also called Sulemani Hakik is a semi-precious gemstone which is opaque to look at and has tremendous healing potential. It is used in Astrology for prediction of fortunes or future. It brings positive energy and satisfaction to the wearer. ‘Agate’ -the English name comes from the Greek river Achates in Sicily. The stone was discovered by Greek philosophers and was also called the soldier’s stone. Hakik comes in many colours like red, black, grey, blue, green, pink, green, milky white and brown. The quality of the hakik is generally verified by an expert after studying the size, colour and weight. high quality hakik is usually bright coloured or multi-coloured.

Who Should Wear Sulemani?

Hakik stone has many benefits and one of them is the removal of the negative effects of Saturn and planet Rahu and Ketu. Anyone can wear this stone for its benefits, be it old or young, women or men. As this has no side effects on the wearer it could be worn without first studying the horoscope.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Hakik shields the wearer from black magic. It removes misfortune and brings favorable luck to the wearer. The malefic effects of Plant Saturn are reduced by use of this stone. It is beneficial with digestion problems, blood circulation and skin problems. It clears the root chakra, which is based at the lower part of the spine. Boosts self-confidence and sexual energy, balances the energies in the body. The warm energy of the hakik is useful during pregnancy and in curing breast cancer. Aids Fertility in women. These are just some of the benefits of this semi-precious stone that is used by people of all religions.

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Everyone should wear this precious stone. However, before buying it, you must ensure that the Hakik is a good quality, genuine and certified stone or else it will be of no use at all. Also as you have to pay a price for this stone, you must beware of fake stones as they cause more harm to your pocket. Get the best astrological advice through our site from a team of best astrologers who are experienced in both astrological and gemstone solutions.
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