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Astro Suryakant Sharma

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₹ 12.00 / Min.
Experience :
9 year 6 months
Language: [Hindi]

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<p>Acharya Suryakant Sharma is an experienced astrologer from Delhi and actively providing online consultations since 2011, and is a very notable astrologer in the domain of astrology, he has actively involved in astrology and has over 9 years of expertise in the various domains of astrology. He is an expert in Vedic astrology and online consultations; he has been providing remedies to people based on his extensive experience.</p> <p>He completed his M.A. in Sanskrit (Acharya) in 2011, B.A. in Sanskrit (Shastri) in 2008, followed with B.Ed in 2010 from Kurukshetra University.</p> <p>And ever since he has been helping people with his expertise in astrology, He was always wanted to explore the field of astrology, and it can be seen as how much he loved astrology as he has completed most of his education in astrology in first or second distinction.</p> <p>He has been performing Pooja ceremonies at various institutions and households as a head pundit like Satchandi Mahayagna, Mahamrityunjya Yug, Gayatri Yug, Rudra Abhishek, Wedding Ceremonies, Graah Pravesh and Shodhash Sanskar, etc. He also has actively taken part in several Workshops and also won many prizes in Sanskrit debate and Shalokacharan.</p> <p>Since years, Acharya Suryakant Sharma has helped hundreds of people through his vast knowledge in astrology and actively helps thousands more, he is very passionate about astrology and has great interpretational skills, If you are also going through laborious times in your life then, don&#39;t wait for any longer and get his expert consultations and remedies to help you get answers to your problems through astrology.</p>


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