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Mrs. Sasmita (Rath) Dass is an astrologer from Gurgaon, NCR. She is a qualified astrologer from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi. She has an avid interest and passion for the Vedic astrology. She is looking forward to use the science of Vedic astrology with a desire to help people for benevolent purposes. She is a constant learner and as a result reaching new heights day by day. She has been healing people primarily using the Vedic astrology method; and has helped thousands of people by resolving different imperfections of their lives. Mrs. Sasmita (Rath) Dass is the one astrologer you should consult with, She has been providing astrological counseling actively since 2016.

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(Friday, 17 January 2020, 10:16:04 PM)

Predictions of Astrologer Sasmita Dass are very accurate. I had the opportunity of availing her predictions on multiple occasions related to my career growth/job change and each time I was astonished to experience a development or incident exactly coinciding with the predictions shared by her. I have benefited and I highly recommend Astrologer Sasmita to get answers for your queries related to marital/professional/career/financial/medical/legal etc. matters.

PriXXXka Sharma

(Sunday, 24 November 2019, 8:39:58 PM)

I consulted Sasmita ma'am for career related advice. She gave me very simple solutions which were quite effective and bad Phase of my career started improving drastically. Thank you ma'am

DebXXXs Acharya

(Sunday, 24 November 2019, 2:17:44 PM)

Thanks a lot for your guidance. As you told, I got the new opportunity in November Month itself.


Congratulations ! God bless!

ShaXXX prasad

(Tuesday, 19 November 2019, 3:44:00 PM)

Thanks sasmita ji guidance