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Balram Bharadwaj

Human life is priceless, as written by Goswami Tulsidas ji in Ram Charitra Manas, a large part of the mind, body, and human life becomes full of blissful happiness and prosperity by adopting Sanatan rituals in our lifestyle,

we all have some energy. Under the influence of a particular or understand that under the influence of a particular element under the five elements, and if all the five elements are balanced, then we are happy in our family and if any element is unbalanced,

then we suffer, disease, stress, etc. Live in the beginning, so in this modern age, through Vedic knowledge, through astrology, through astrology, by arranging your house through Vastu Shastra, you can make your life happy, blissful health,

so every house should be Vastu compliant and every person One should behave according to the position and direction of his planets, because when we see the birth chart, it becomes clear that for what purpose the soul has taken birth,

how he thinks, what he does and what should be done. is known from the position of the planets at the time of birth, so And the entire human society should take advantage of this eternal Siddha and Para knowledge.

Our sage Maharishi has intuitively done a variety of remedies for the welfare of the masses for the welfare of the people, which is proven on the Vedic and scientific side, so we want perfection in everyone's life, so it is necessary that

A happy blissful life can be led by the advice of Vedic Sanatan Spiritual Knowledge, said

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