Acharya T P Rana

Acharya T P Rana

Experience : 20 years 7 month
Language: [English] [HIndi]
Charges: ₹ 20.00 / Min.

About Acharya Ji

Well-known astrologer TP Rana can get you the right and accurate solution for all your problems. TP Rana is a well-known name of the world of astrology and Rana Ji has 15 years experience in the astrology field. His inborn talent for jyothisham has urged him to learn more authentically on Indian Astrology. T.P. Rana has also been awarded astrology martand award. Let us know that there will be very few astrologers who have been honoured with the title of this method. He has done his MSc and PhD Degree from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Mumbai. At the same time, he has made his astrology more credible with astrology Shiromani Varanasi. T.P Rana Ji has 15 years great experience in astrology field and they read planet movements easily in kundali. Jyotishcharya TP Rana's prophecy is correct. TP Rana ji has the solution to every problem related to family discord, employment, business, health, marital life, love life, wealth and travel. If you want to study your horoscope and kundali accurately, then TP Rana will be the correct name for you.

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