Acharya Shiv Shankar

Acharya Shiv Shankar

Experience : 14 years 5 month
Language: [English] [HIndi] [Punjabi]
Charges: ₹ 20.00 / Min.

About Acharya Ji

Acharya Shiv Shankar Ji The biggest reason for suffering in the life of people is Vastu Defect. Our life is very much affected due to Vastu Defect. In a competition to make ourselves modern and luxury, we forget that it is necessary to have the right Vastu. We do not care for Vastu in buying a house or to build a house. What kind of object should be in the house at home? In which direction should the bathrooms be in place, where the power board should be. Before establishing such a lot of things, it is necessary to take care of Vastu. Acharya Shiv Shankar Ji is a specialist in Vaastik and Vedic astrology as well as Vaastu. In the year 2004, after completing Shastri from the National Sanskrit Institute in New Delhi, he has also done Acharya from Sampoornannad Sanskrit University, Varanasi in the year of 2007. Since the year 2007, Acharya Shiv Shankar has saved the lives of thousands of people through his special knowledge, astrology, Vedic astrology and Vastu Shastra. Use of his astrology: Shiv Shankar uses his education to bring prosperity in the lives of the people, to stabilize the fluctuations in life, and to reach the height of the business as well. Acharya Shiv Shankar also specializes in face reading. He tells their past by looking at the face of the people, he reads all the problems that happen with them and after that, they get the solution. Those who come to the Acharya, their solution only explains their face after reading them. Apart from this, he also has knowledge of horoscope analysis. Acharya Shiv Shankar solves all the hurdles, such as losses in the business, the failure of a business, obstruction of trade, and not getting the support of other people in the field of work. Apart from this, he is capable of treating problems like home improvement, cheating in love, Child happiness, an Abusive relationship between husband or wife and other related problems. With the compassion of Acharya Shiv Shankar, every disturbed person gets blessed and himself brings happiness and prosperity to life by destroying his sorrows. Acharyaji is available every day from 12:00 to 4:30 pm. He is able to treat in Hindi and Sanskrit language.

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