Acharya Nanak Dhawan

Acharya Nanak Dhawan

Experience : 9 years 12 month
Language: [English] [HIndi]
Charges: ₹ 30.00 / Min.

About Acharya Ji

Acharya Nanak Dhawan Ji Acharya Nanak Dhawan Ji is a famous Vedic astrologer. After graduating in mathematics, Acharya Nanak Dhawan Ji received a degree in Acharyaship from the Indian Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi. Through the last decade, he has been solving problems of people through astrology and special Vedic knowledge. Acharya Nanak helps people with various problems such as love, marriage, career, horoscope, business, education and health. Several people have benefited from a successful suggestion made by Acharya Dhawan Ji. Acharya Nanak Dhawan is an expert in the Question-Horoscope (Hora Chart) and Shakun Shastra (Omen horoscope). There are many people who do not know their date of birth and time correctly. In such a case, the correct prediction and solving the problem through astrology becomes difficult as accurate prediction of the future is done using the time and date. You can say that this problem has reduced nowadays because in the hospitals, the date and time of birth are recorded but there is still a lot of confusion. Normally, the birth time is taken as when the baby comes out of the womb or sometimes when the baby takes the first breath. When the birth time or date is uncertain, the Question Horoscope or Prashna Kundali of Acharya Nanak is the perfect solution as such a horoscope does not require the exact date and time of birth. In this method of Question Horoscope, Acharya Nanak Ji attempts to predict the future on the basis of the answers to the questions asked, to obtain the right solution to the problem. Many times, when the person makes a horoscope but is unsure about its accuracy, such a person's problem is resolved through the 'omen horoscope' which is the science of signals. The time of approaching Acharya Ji and the person's horoscope both work as a complement to each other. In this case, the Question Horoscope increases the guarantee of the accuracy of the prediction result. Acharya Nanak Dhawan Ji provides excellent treatment and accurate prediction through his Vedic experiences and accurate knowledge of astrology. Being a mathematics expert, he also used mathematics to understand people's past births and offer the right solutions.

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