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Acharya Dinkar

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Language: [HIndi]
Charges: ₹ 20.00 / Min.

About Acharya Ji

Acharya Dinkar ji Acharya Dinkarji has had a strong interest in astrology since childhood. Through his hard work and passion for astrology, he has brought joy in the lives of many people. Dinkar Ji is still a guiding force for many people today. Acharya Dinkarji has studied Astrology at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Sanskrit University in New Delhi. Following that, Acharya Dinkarji studied astrology and rituals at Haridwar in Uttarakhand for three years. The results of such a dedicated study of the subject are that today he is working to bring light to the lives of many people with his tireless efforts and deep knowledge. Acharya Ji believes that problems are a part of life, but people are not able to find the right path on their own and this is the reason why the problems only increase rather than decrease. That is why people need good guidance, which can help them get rid of these problems and this work can be done only through astrology and rituals. Acharya Ji has given the right guidance to many people for the past 6 years. Today there are many people whose lives have changed dramatically by getting his guidance. Acharya Ji believes that happiness and prosperity can be brought in life through astrology and rituals. This is the way of life that can lead you to spiritual pleasure. That is why Acharya Dinkar Ji has salvaged the lives of many people. Acharya Dinakar Ji is an expert in knowing and predicting people’s fate through their horoscope so as to remedy their problems. Through the medium of astrology and knowledge, he can offer solutions to the problems caused in the present life by the previous birth’s actions, and by studying their effects on life today. Acharya Dinkar Ji also specializes in Feng Shui Tips and Vastu Tips. Through his passion, effort and education, he is working for the salvation of people. If you also want to bring happiness in your life and want happiness and prosperity in life through astrology and rituals, then you can contact Acharya Dinkar Ji. By analyzing your horoscope or Kundali in minutest detail, he can find the solutions to end all your sorrows. We assure you that all worldly problems can be solved by Acharya Ji with his experience. If your children’ health is poor, there are problems in husband-wife relationships, your work is not profitable or you face constant disorientation in your life, you must contact Acharya atleast once. Acharya Ji is available every afternoon from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm in evening. You can consult him in Hindi, English and Sanskrit. You must also suggest the language before consultation.

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AbhishekKapoor Wednesday, 04 September 2019, 7:19:00 AM
Very calm and experienced astrologer
User Sunday, 23 June 2019, 6:5:00 PM
Acharya Dinkar is available on phone when I needed. Thanks acharya ji
Ajit Shinde Tuesday, 18 June 2019, 2:1:00 PM
Very Good!
Akshit Bhardwaj Wednesday, 12 June 2019, 9:7:00 AM
Thanks Acharya ji…Now I am waiting for your prediction.
Sujit bawake Tuesday, 04 June 2019, 9:30:00 PM
Thanks Achary ji
Priya sharna Tuesday, 04 June 2019, 4:34:00 PM
Acharya ji aapka bahut bhaut dhanyawad.
User Thursday, 23 May 2019, 3:30:00 PM
No doubt Soft spoken astrologer with sound knowledge about astrology.
PanditAshuBahuguna Friday, 17 May 2019, 10:3:00 AM
I have been consulting Dinker Ji and I felt that no one is better than him. Acharya Ji Your perdiction is about my chart is always true. Thanks for giving me your astrology advice.
Vijay Bansal Monday, 13 May 2019, 4:30:00 PM
Acharya Dinker ji you made a powergul wall of astrology aganinst my problems
User Saturday, 20 April 2019, 2:2:00 AM
Happy to consult with Acharya dinker Ji
Payel Ghosh Wednesday, 10 April 2019, 12:2:00 PM
Thanks you Acharya Ji for supporting me always
Afroz Saturday, 06 April 2019, 9:15:00 PM
Best astrologer at astroswamig
NIMIT Friday, 29 March 2019, 9:8:00 PM
Thanks for sharing your astrology thoughts about my career. Now I hope your prediction will come true.
Rupesh parkesh Saturday, 09 March 2019, 8:6:00 PM
Jab bhi mein problem m hota hu mein sabse pehle aapse pramarsh leta hu aur aap humesha mera marg darshan krte hein.
Niranjanadevi Tuesday, 15 January 2019, 8:9:00 PM
Very knowledgeable
Mahesh S Wednesday, 21 November 2018, 4:5:00 AM
Acharya dinker Ji you have vast knowledge about astrology. Now I have no doubts about my job career.
Khushi Wednesday, 03 October 2018, 4:30:00 PM
Blessing Acharya Ji
Arif Bhat Wednesday, 04 July 2018, 3:45:00 PM
Soft spoken and confident with his given predictions
varsha tarachand shirke Thursday, 03 May 2018, 8:16:00 AM
I am satisfied with his prediction but not fully.
Jyoti Wednesday, 02 May 2018, 8:3:00 AM
Thanks for sharing astrological remedies with me. Your all prediction is up to mark